Developing Your (Color) Palette

It’s no secret that color is an important part of data visualization. In everyday life, colors have a unique power to intensify communication. (If you’ve ever seen the film Pleasantville, you know what I’m talking about here.) In fact, many…

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Optimize your Brain Power with Data Visualization

Data. Data. Data. Everywhere data. The mind numbs at the thought. Daily I am talking with customers discussing their data challenges, where their data resides, and the notion that bringing data together into some meaningful sense is akin to herding…

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Color Your Data

Data can seem like a daunting stream of numbers across Excel spreadsheets and paper reports. However, it’s difficult for the brain to perceive too much data at one given time. Colors are a great way to decipher and help you…

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5 Tips to Take Chart Building from Good to Great

Looking for ways to better relay your data’s story? You’re not alone. There’s a rising need for data storytellers to visualize their data and turn it into captivating, comprehensive stories. Why? Studies show that society can quickly process visual information…

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Quick Tip: Matching Colors = Effective Branding

The little things are often what matter most.  Things such as adding a company logo to your dashboard and branding it as your own – but why stop there?  By applying corporate colors, logo colors, or colors from other sections…

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