Fighting Cognitive Bias with Data

Cognitive bias gets in the way of good decision-making. For the most part, bias is largely subconscious – in business and in everyday life. But that doesn’t mean bias can’t have a big impact on the way you view the…

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Data Driven Decisions, Learning, and Cognition

There’s a lot of discussion around “data-driven decision making,” but what does that look like in reality? Ideally, we’d like to use data to make decisions that are objectively “correct”, but unfortunately humans aren’t objective creatures. Despite the fact that…

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Neuroaesthetics and Informative Art

What is Neuroaesthetics? You are probably familiar with the term “aesthetics.” Though in modern times, it’s largely been co-opted by the beauty industry, it has applications far beyond waxing and chemical peels. From a philosophical lens, aesthetics is the branch…

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