Business Intelligence

State of Michigan Rolls Out Online Dashboard

This week, Governor Rick Snyder gave his first State of the State address in Lansing, Michigan. He spoke about change for Michigan and the importance of setting clear, measurable goals. Governor Snyder announced the implementation of the Michigan Dashboard (www.michigan.gov/midashboard).…

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Make IT Spending More Effective

Navigating the rough seas of today’s tough economic climate is as difficult as ever.  With profits falling, costs rising, and lending practices tighter than ever, today’s business leaders are constantly looking for undiscovered cost advantages to give them an edge…

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Dashboards and Reports

I recently had an interesting conversation with someone at a trade show. The main question revolved around the difference between “reporting” and “dashboards”. Having been in the business intelligence space for awhile, it’s not the first time I’ve been asked…

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