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Everything You Need to Know About the Data Lifecycle

When data enters a database, one of two things can happen: it’s either scrubbed, organized, and used, or it grows stale and outdated. Data Lifecycle Management (also known as “DLM”) is the process by which organizations gather, store, and use…

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Reporting Sucks. Let’s Make It Better.

Ask a business intelligence professional what they do, and they might feed you a line about finding insights hidden in data. Ply that same BI professional with a cocktail or two, and they might just tell you the truth about…

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The Importance of Visualizing the Sales Pipeline

Tracking Data Points Along the Sales Pipeline No matter what your product or industry, identifying and tracking your sales pipeline is integral to your sales team’s success. Using concrete data, you can visualize each phase of the sales process, understand…

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How to Create a Data-Driven Culture that Sticks

How many times have you been in a meeting where someone makes an important business decision based entirely on intuition? It doesn’t inspire confidence when someone has an idea on how to increase revenue, productivity, or any other key metric…

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What on Earth are You Doing with Your Business Data?

Now you see it, now you don’t. Scientists are getting closer to the Romulan’s cloaking device portrayed in Star Trek. This ultra-thin invisibility cloak is made of microscopic rectangular gold blocks that, like skin, conform to the shape of an…

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Real-Time BI vs. Right Time BI

  We all make thousands of decisions every day: Chocolate or vanilla? T-shirt or sweater? Rent vs. buy? Real-time business intelligence (BI) vs. right time business intelligence (BI)? Okay, the last question isn’t one most people face on a daily…

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