Statistical Paradoxes & Puzzles

We all love data here. But, don’t get us wrong, we also know that data can be frustrating, misleading, and challenging. Nothing reminds you of that fact more than contemplating some interesting statistical paradoxes and puzzles – those seemingly absurd…

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3 Ways to Present More Accurate Charts: Or, How to Avoid Leading People On

Across the globe, businesses are at a simultaneously empowering and frightening place where data is concerned. They have more of it, more avenues to access it, and more ways to share it. One such way to share data has been…

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Fighting Cognitive Bias with Data

Cognitive bias gets in the way of good decision-making. For the most part, bias is largely subconscious – in business and in everyday life. But that doesn’t mean bias can’t have a big impact on the way you view the…

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