Advanced Tips

Become a Master Dashboard Creator

Organizing and deploying data with dashboards can revolutionize the way your organization uses information. Like any tool, using and building dashboards requires skill. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the data business; whether you’re just starting out, or…

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#iDashboards18: Designing for Function – Getting the Most From iDashboards

When you think about designing dashboards, colors, contrast, and balance are probably some the first things that come to mind. All these dashboard design elements are related to aesthetics and user interface, making them great examples of designing for form.…

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#iDashboards17: Advanced Integrations – SSO, LDAP, and FOU

We have gotten some amazing feedback from our customers from our past users’ conferences. One theme we continued to hear, year over year, was the desire for more technical talk! It seems that our customers were hungry for more than…

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Diving into Data with Cascading Parameters

iDashboards Features Spotlight: Cascading Parameters We’ve all been there: You’re hunting for the exact answer to your problem through a crowded field of options. Take shoe shopping, for example! Say you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, and you have to wear…

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The Top 10 Ways to Optimize Excel Usage

What To Know When Creating Excel Dashboards If you’re running a business, you probably already know how essential Excel spreadsheets are to your organization. There’s a reason so many companies work in the Microsoft Office Suite: it’s versatile, affordable, and…

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iDashboards Loves SQL Pros

Here at iDashboards, we love making the design of interactive charts and dashboards easy with our drag and drop interface. But we also have a soft spot for those who like to get their hands dirty slinging some SQL code…

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