Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics Dashboards: Meet Real-Time Demands

Over the course of the past few months, waves of economic uncertainty and consumer demands have disrupted the logistics industry across both local and global supply chains. As we remain in the midst of a pandemic, many of these challenges…

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Lean Logistics: Are You Tracking the Right Stats?

Tracking Lean Logistics Data There’s a reason “lean logistics” has an athletic connotation. Just like training for a marathon, lean logistics takes hard work, dedication, and practice. For some companies, the concept of lean logistics may seem impossible; for others,…

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Dashboards & Third Party Logistics Companies: How CEVA Logistics Turned the Tables on Tangled Data

CEVA Logistics is a global supply chain management company with a simple goal: helping businesses flow. At iDashboards, we want to help our customers do the same – and we love hearing about it when they do. In our most…

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Leverage Dashboard Technology to Improve Decision-Making Capabilities

Read the full article on Inbound Logistics. As a logistics professional, you’re familiar with the value of high-quality data. Experienced supply chain practitioners recognize that the value of data is directly related to its utility: Raw data without context or…

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Using Dashboards Effectively in Supply Chain Management

With the amount of data available for supply chain management (SCM) companies to utilize, it is easy to overlook the tiny, yet critical details. The vast amount of information received creates more of a challenge when determining vital information to…

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Transporting Data into Knowledge

Here at iDashboards we have been seeing a growing number of transportation and logistics companies adopting dashboards to help drive their businesses. With many transportation and logistics companies, if data analysis is being done, users are exporting data to Excel…

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