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iDashboards: A certain…Je Ne Sais Quai

“So what is this ‘Je Ne Sais Quai’ you speak of?” Well aside from being French, it also turns out, it’s a noun. Straight out of Wiktionary, we get: Je ne sais quoi – Noun 1. An intangible quality that…

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Example Security Scenario in iDashboards

The following diagram shows a common security scenario in iDashboards for a company that rolled out dashboards for a small set of its employees. They have developed dashboards for their Sales and Human Resources departments and wish to control what users can…

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X-factor in Your Software Application

We all know that competition among software application vendors has become cut-throat in our slow economy; vendors are challenged to find ways to improve their revenue. One way to come out as a winner amongst the competition is to have…

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Announcing iDashboards X Platform

iDashboards helps companies leverage information assets through visually rich, real-time, and personalized business intelligence dashboards to analyze, track, and drilldown through a wealth of information. iDashboards continues to provide leading business intelligence dashboard software, with the release of iDashboards X…

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