Data Strategy

Top Four Tips for Establishing Data Governance

Beautiful dashboards, sleek graphics, and all the right design elements do not good data make. Data is only as useful as it is accurate, and even just one little mistake can send a business into a downward spiral. Unfortunately, too…

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Getting Your Business Intelligence Project Off the Ground

Launching a new BI (business intelligence) project can feel a lot like starting a new workout regimen: tough, tiring, and a little overwhelming. Getting the right forward momentum is key, but it’s a lot easier when you have a solid…

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How to Spot and Stop Bad Data

Stop Good Data From Going Bad Data can be an invaluable resource that informs decisions and leads to better management, increased productivity and a better culture of transparency. The key words here are can be. Unfortunately, in this data saturated…

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3 Tips for Taming the Data Beast

These days, data is more critical than ever, with customers, employees, and decision makers alike demanding more transparency than ever before. However, as the need for data increases, so does the amount of data being collected. While more data might…

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Why Your Startup Needs Dashboards

Dashboards: The Successful Startup’s Secret Weapon Nobody said entrepreneurship was going to be easy. Business planning, product development, building a team, developing marketing collateral… there’s a lot that goes into getting your business off the ground. While you surely anticipated…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Dashboards and Data Security

Protecting your data with secure dashboards With the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things, data security is on everyone’s radar. Just because data security is a priority doesn’t mean it has to be a heartache, though. Even…

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