Spring Cleaning: Eliminate The Data Clutter

Spring Cleaning: Eliminate the Data Clutter

Using Dashboards to Eliminate Data Clutter

I’ve owned three different homes. And I have accumulated a lot of stuff over those years, nearing what almost feels like hoarding status sometimes. It all becomes clutter. It becomes noise, especially when I’m trying to find something.

As I work on creating dashboards, my days are filled with a different kind of clutter. Data clutter. It’s my job to take the data clutter and transform it into meaningful visualizations which translate into a meaningful story told through dashboards.

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Practice What You ‘Product Preach’: How IDashboards Uses IDashboards

Practice What You ‘Product Preach’: How iDashboards Uses iDashboards

After our highly successful Users Conference in Nashville last month, I am just in awe at all of the incredible ideas and purposes our customers have for iDashboards. Our customers have such creative and innovative ideas on how to best visualize their data, how to use iDashboards to tell real stories. The customer panels were phenomenal! Sharing ideas and seeing how creative people can be on the visual side of things is great, but when you hear that organizations or institutions are using iDashboards to make decisions that save them millions of dollars – that is remarkable!

In that same spirit of sharing, I thought I would share how iDashboards uses iDashboards.

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Don’t Sweat The Data Side

Don’t Sweat the Data Side

iDashboards is the best option for customers looking to interactively visualize and analyze their data through the dashboards they build. When I am out training new customers, I always start out with my introductory remarks by telling the customer that once we are done with training, we will be building dashboards with their data. I want them thinking about their data and their metrics the entire time I am training them on the application.

Customers are always looking for guidance on how to structure their data. They are looking for advice on where their data is stored, whether they need a data warehouse before they can use iDashboards, whether iDashboards can be used to generate values instead of needing to go back in and manipulate the data, or whether they can automate the data extraction they are currently doing.

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April Data Brings May Dashboards

April Data Brings May Dashboards

We live in a world of clichés and sayings. I spend over 50% of my time travelling to customer engagements and I hear a lot of regional sayings while teaching people how to visualize their data with iDashboards. And, I recently realized that a saying that is so relevant in my Midwest home this time of year – “April Showers bring May flowers” doesn’t apply in all the different locales where I travel. Plant life is alive and kicking without any April showers in Southern California or Georgia. When I made the statement “April showers bring May flowers” to a group I was training in Southern California I quickly realized they had no point of reference to understand what that meant, because as native Californians they had only seen real showers in early February. And, those showers didn’t seem to result in flowers, the way one begets the other in the Midwest.

So, I realized I needed a new universal cliché to “break the ice” (another cliché…) with the audience I was training. I decided to use a recurring statement I make during training – “It’s all about the data”. Sure, I feel like iDashboards visualizes data better than anybody, but without the data, we’ve got nothing – “It’s all about the data”.

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