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Across the world, many of us are sitting eager as we begin to watch the trials for the much anticipated 2021 Summer Olympics. Although this event is always seen as a historic, we find this Olympics to be especially momentous as it brings new hope for collective unity and optimistic spirits proceeding the great challenges and uncertainty of the past year and a half.

For those of us cheering on Team USA, we will watch as Simone Biles flies into the air to complete her double layout with a half twist; hold our breath as Katie Ledecky swims the 200-meter freestyle; and sit in awe as Allyson Felix speeds through the 400-meter and 400-meter relay.

No matter where you end up watching from or the flag you’re waving, together we will witness again true displays of hard work and passion from athletes around the globe, reminding us all the values of good character and teamwork. As we anxiously await the Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 23rd, we can all find ways to bring these values into the work we do and the people we interact with in our own organizations.

Business Intelligence Takes the Gold!

Complete Live Dashboard Displaying Summer Olympics Data Visualization

In the spirit of joyous excitement and anticipation, our team at iDashboards took some time and sat down to reflect on the years past that have defined what we all know as the Olympic Games, to see the historical data in a new way. Today, we want to share that with you, and together visualize the Games that have preceded this year’s event in Tokyo. Across this dashboard, you’ll see various charts and graphs that depict different elements of the previous Summer Olympics – using drilldowns, speedometers, and intuitive infographics, you can interact with each component from Total Medal Count, to Number of Events and Participants, as well as Opening Ceremony Ratings and Revenue.

Click here to see and interact live with this Summer Olympics Dashboard.

For more examples of real-time business intelligence, explore our dashboard solutions here. 

Let the countdown to the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics begin!

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