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Qualitative Data Visualization

When it comes to getting a holistic and comprehensive understanding of your data, it’s important to think beyond the numbers. Qualitative data holds a piece of the data story that allows us to dig a little deeper, fill in the gaps, and provide context and complementary value to the quantitative analyses we run day in and day out. It provides nuance behind the consumers that drive our business, the clients that empower our growth, the public that influences our goals, and the insights that empower our decisions. While some methods of conducting qualitative research have their own unique challenges depending on one’s scope and capabilities, there still remain opportunities for all industries and organizations to think innovatively and resourcefully for the sake of enriching their overall data collection to some degree by implementing qualitative techniques.

We’ve created this infographic of qualitative data visualization examples to guide you through not only why qualitative data matters to your business right now, but also the methods for collecting it–especially in today’s remote and virtual world. We want to show you how the data can be used, and how you can bring it to life through powerful visualizations that can seamlessly interact with other KPIs across a single dashboard.

Check out the infographic of qualitative data visualization examples below and learn just how valuable every piece of data can be to your organization:



Interested in learning how to take your qualitative (and quantitative) data to the next step? Click here for our Guide on Dashboard Best Practices to get started!

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