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Now more than ever, our world is simultaneously looking at data. In hopes to inform, guide, and help us understand, we look to data as an outlet for a method to control the unknown. The world we live in today is changing by the day, by the hour, by the minute. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has altered the weight on our healthcare and economic systems, creating sequential effects on the frameworks within – from education and local government, to businesses and organizations, to that of daily lifestyles. This list is by no means exhaustive of where the pandemic is taking affect. Across each of these dimensions, billions of people continue to look at the same sets of data, each for a purpose individual to them. They rely on this information for their role at work, for their family, or for their greater desire of hope.

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Over the past couple weeks, we have covered various topics surrounding the impact of COVID-19. We shared how teams can navigate the shift towards remote work; which carried into the overarching conversation of being an effective leader during a crisis. At the heart of both discussions was the ever-pressing value of data. We stressed the importance that a single-source-of-truth of information has in making our businesses more efficient, our teams more productive, and our own selves more impactful.

As the current environment continues to impact people in communities across the country, we want to continue to evolve our messages to be respectful and relevant.

Today, we continue to connect with you by talking about a topic that sits at the forefront of this very situation – the significance of connection.

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This past Sunday, as many of us are aware, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams delivered the warning, “This is going to be the hardest and saddest week of most Americans’ lives.” Considering the hardships many have already faced, hearing news like this brings an even greater sense of fear and unsettlement. Taking greater measures to practice social distancing and self-quarantine, our nation will be pushed to great lengths to find resilience in the face of adversity.

As many strive for resilience, they will also strive for even greater connection; for a means to come together despite the physical distance between us. Healthcare workers and those on the front line will continue to fight and put their lives at risk for others, families will share virtual hugs and memories with those they miss, and businesses will continue to work hard in providing support to their customers and employees. One common thing uniting everyone will be the strength of connection.

It’s hard to visualize a world without it.

We mentioned earlier how our world today is simultaneously looking at the critical data defining the pandemic. Now let’s take a moment to envision what it would look like if none of the current data existed or was brought to our attention.

Can you picture it? A world where healthcare professionals have no means to track their efforts to save patients or manage capacity predictions. A world where government officials have no measure of the population they serve to protect, supply distribution, or the state of the economy. A world where communication lacks validity, and past metrics cannot guide present action or future outcomes.

Many would perhaps feel more confused, lost, and uncertain. Data can set a framework for our support systems, those either personal to us or large at scale. At the same time it provides direction and information (at this time, difficult numbers to process), data also provides soundness and assurance, that there are definitive points of reference.

Right now, the health and safety of everyone is a prioritized focus as our healthcare systems work endlessly to diminish the impact of the virus.

We do however want to bring light to how some other industries that make up our economy would also take on the weight of a world without data:


From K-12 to higher education, initiatives of educators and faculty would lack accuracy in gauging student progress, budget allocation, graduation rates, demographics and program efficiencies.

K-12 Dashboard


Immediately, product and time would be lost to inefficient production and operations built on assumption and best-guess practices. There would be no monitoring infrastructure for meeting compliance and quality assurance.

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Transportation and Logistics

As mobile as we are, untrackable timeliness and standards of delivery routes would cause major implications down the remainder of the supply chain.

T&L Dashboard


Without transparent measures for building donor profiles, scaling operations, and delivering mission-critical initiatives, nonprofits would face detrimental challenges in successfully impacting the people they serve and what they stand for.

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Energy & Utility

Utility consumption and plant/location distribution, not to mention emergency management (such as outages) could not be tracked without the reliance on timely and precise data.

Energy & Utility Dashboard

Financial Services

Treacherously, the lack of concrete data in this sector (both banks and credit unions) would impair operations to be successful across all objectives: meeting consumer needs, mitigating risk, preventing fraud, driving growth and controlling costs.

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Sales and customer satisfaction are the driving forces of high performance in retail, and the quickest way to comprehend standings is through the numbers that define them.

Retail Dashboard


Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses are a fabric to our society. Given the current environment, many are facing unforeseen deficits, especially those of small businesses. Now and forthcoming, the absence of financial data across sales, wages, etc. would lessen visibility of necessary progress checks.

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We depend on connection, in more ways than one. By just these few examples, it’s evident that a disappearance of data would create a world inconceivable to us. As we continue to support one another in these unprecedented times, may we continue to find the value in being connected to the information around us.

At iDashboards we are not only passionate about data, but in helping it become visible to bring insights to life the very moment they need to be. Our team has been there for the aha moments, the transformations, and everything in between. Your data has power, in ways you may not even know. Our team is here to support yours in delivering data-driven decisions. Let’s connect and see what’s possible.


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