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Imagine the capability for your customers and partners to reach greater operational efficiency by spending less time on reporting and more time on their core competencies. Embedded analytics is the integration of BI with current applications and platforms, a technology iDashboards is proud to provide. Existing analytics and visualization tools become available in one centralized location to provide the context your data needs to drive actionable decision-making.

Read further to discover the benefits that embedded analytics can provide your business when you choose iDashboards as your data visualization solution.

1. Generate Revenue Opportunities

analyzing data visualization charts and graphs to generate revenue

According to a Carnegie Mellon University Study, “If you choose to build, keep in mind that, 70 percent of software costs occur after implementation. This includes a rigorous lifecycle analysis that realistically estimates ongoing maintenance by in-house developers.”

Simply put, throughout the full term of the software, choosing to utilize embedded analytics is less expensive than building in-house.

The use of embedded analytics lowers operational costs that would otherwise be spent for building and maintaining in-house, therefore providing opportunities for additional revenue. When the analytics and reporting development needs are handled by a third-party product, such as iDashboards, the time and resources can instead be focused on your core product which will ultimately get your business to market sooner.

Organizations that capitalize on embedded analytics are 3.5 times more likely to see an increase in revenue of greater than 20%, according to Aberdeen Research.

Embedded analytics can not only attract new users through enhancing your existing application, but can also maintain the relationship you have with current users by bringing new problem-solving tools to the table over time.

2. Differentiate Your Business

lightbulb idea for differentiating business

Data increases in value through embedded analytics because it provides your business the ability to differentiate from competitors and give users a better overall experience with premium offerings. Through this data monetization, you can find new opportunities that power engagement, stickiness, and additional revenue.

3. Make the Most of Your Resources

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Capitalize on your developer’s capabilities to focus their skills on your core products instead of building a BI solution from scratch. iDashboards has been developed for over 14 years, and is 100% focused on analytics and constant innovation so you don’t have to be.

When your business is able to make the most of its resources, you can also get to market sooner and more quickly gain access to value metrics as well. From customer adoption, satisfaction, to retention, iDashboards will assist with your business analytics to make sure necessary improvements or innovations are made along the way.

4. Scale Flexibly and Securely

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Embed analytics where you and your customers are already positioned and where you have potential to reach. iDashboards provides enterprise-grade security so your business can continually integrate and collaborate comfortably across your application, strategies, and infrastructure.

5. Row-Level Security

row-level security

iDasboards wants to save you the time from having to recreate the wheel for individual customers. Thanks to embedded analytics and row level security (RLS), you can quickly create a set of dashboards that fulfill your customer’s dashboard needs across the board without creating a new dashboard for every customer.

Better yet, RLS also factors in those specific customer requests and allows for flexibility in creating custom and relevant charts/dashboards as needed.

6. On-Premise or SaaS Offerings

programming a SaaS offering

iDashboards also offers both on-premise or SaaS implementation options. Depending on what best supports your business, in terms of budget, culture, and goals, iDashboards works to ensure you are given the necessary support to embed analytics as your business sees fit.

7. Custom White Labeling Options

white labeling paper

Another benefit of embedded analytics that increases user experience and can attract the interest of new users is custom white-labeling. Your customers can seamlessly move to your dashboards without leaving your application, keeping your brand consistent. iDashboards wants to set your business up for success by keeping your users more engaged and able to make decisions as efficiently as possible.

8. Control Data and Presentation

dashboard data presented on a tablet

With iDashboards’ numerous customization options, you can have complete control over your data and presentation to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers:

  • Build from 100s of chart and graph options
  • Structure dashboards to look exactly how you want them to with drag-and-drop design
  • Use custom color palettes, logos, and dynamic charts to bring key performance metrics to life
  • Help end users approach data intuitively by drawing the eye to what is important
  • Break down any metric and correlate it with other information through iDashboards’ patented Interactive Intelligence

Whether your business is looking to generate more revenue, differentiate, or make the most of its resources, embedded analytics has the ability to take your current product/application that extra step to reach significant results. With iDashboards and our embedded analytics technology, you can make sure your customers and partners are given relevant and informative data visualizations at the time they need it to drive action and decision-making.


Interested in learning more about the benefits embedded analytics can specifically provide your business? Click here to contact us today to learn more.  

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