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Does it seem like you’re constantly fighting to keep your inbox clean? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. 74% of consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of emails they receive, which makes sense considering that 35% of them receive as many as 100 messages a day.

We put on our researching caps and found some illuminating email statistics in honor of #CleanOutYourInboxWeek. These efforts culminated in a handy infographic (located at the bottom of this blog post) to put your inbox in perspective. Being aware of just how many emails you receive can make all the difference in coming up with a strategy to manage your messages in order to save time and energy in the long run.

Revamping Your Inbox Workflow

The volume of messages we receive on a daily basis is staggering, and it’s projected to only go up from here. The best way to get out in front of the problem is to create an inbox workflow that works for you. Here’s an example workflow that eliminates bad habits, like opening emails more than once or leaving emails in your inbox for more than a day:

  1. If the message requires no action on your behalf, archive it immediately. If it is an unwanted promotional email, unsubscribe to clean out the clutter.
  2. If the message requires a simple and/or time-sensitive response, reply right away and archive it immediately afterwards. Most emails will fall into this category.
  3. If the message requires a long and/or thoughtful response, snooze it to a time and date when you will be able to handle it. That way, you can get the message out of your way so it doesn’t serve as a distraction. When the time is right, it will reappear and grab your attention so you can respond and add it to your archives.

Benefits of Taking Charge of Your Inbox

Once you get the right workflow in place, you’ll begin to experience some of the great benefits associated with a clean, well-managed inbox:

  • Reduced clutter: Regularly going through you email and getting rid of stuff that you don’t need helps you stay organized and retrieve the important messages when you need them.
  • Increased productivity: Emails can be a big distraction in the workplace. When you are constantly reminding yourself to respond to that email you’ve been putting off, it’s hard to focus on your daily tasks.
  • Time saved: If you spend time organizing and responding to emails up front, you save time that you would have spent searching for the messages later on. Plus, you won’t have to worry about missing or losing anything important.

Clean Out Your Inbox Infographic

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