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On the 12th of April 2018, iDashboards headed to Manchester to meet executive professionals interested in the data visualization world.

After the reception and registration, we opened the day with the fundamental question: What is Data Visualization?

Silvia Giardini, Sales and Marketing Executive at iDashboards, shared with the audience some recent studies on data visualization. Among the others, a TED Study showed that visualized data is significantly more effective than traditional statistical analysis by asking a group of economists to answer the same question about a data set.
The results were that 72% of the people who used standard statistical analytics to understand the question gave the wrong answer while only 3% of people who used the graph alone provided the wrong answer to the question. This proved that it is way easier for the viewer to understand data when it comes in the form of a graph or a chart and as part of a data visualization because the human brain is programmed to understand visual information rather than written language.

Studies like this one underline that the traditional business reporting needs to be updated:

Data visualization enables the company’s decision makers to see patterns and trends that are not easy to grasp when just looking at a spreadsheet: better and more informed decision will consequently improve the overall company performance and allow this one to be one step ahead of the competition.

Gee Lamba, Regional Manager UK, Europe & Africa, took over giving the audience a demo of iDashboards. The session included an overview of the product, its main features and an introduction to the Data Hub: the innovative ETL tool that was launched just earlier this month.
The session was very interactive as we had some data experts in the audience, so that it did not only include the step by step process of putting data into a visual context (extracting the data from the data source, importing it in the dashboard and choosing the best chart) but also some more technical issues like how to use the Data Hub to put together and clean data that comes in all shapes, sizes, sources, and formats.

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After a short coffee break, we had the privilege to have two customers giving a testimonial of their experience with iDashboards.

The first testimonial was given by Steve Hall, Director of Engineering Solutions at Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), London. PSE is the world’s leading provider of advanced process modelling software and model-based engineering (MBE) services to the process industries.
PSE was looking for a solution able to collect data from several operating plants and able to display them to a variety of users (plant operators, managers and engineers). Steve Hall underlined that the main reasons for PSE for choosing iDashboards were the software flexibility and the excellent support received during the review and implementation process. His presentation also gave the audience an idea of how to use data visualization in the IT, engineering and manufacturing world, providing some incredible real-time dashboards examples.

The second customer testimonial was given by Step5 representatives Andrew Houldcroft, Transformation Project Manager, and Andrew Short, Service Management Consultant. Step5 are experts in delivering transformational IT and service programmes. They assess, lead and recover business-critical programmes for some of the best-known organisations and government department in the UK and around the globe.
Step5 presentation showed how dashboards can be used for project management, enabling the user to answer fundamental questions like: how is the team progressing against the plan? How much of the budget is left? How is the team performing? Will the team be able to meet its deadlines?

The half-day summit ended with lunch and networking. It was great to have so many of you sticking around with more questions and interested in further information.

We were very happy to hear your positive feedback and glad to say the event was a success!

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Silvia Giardini Sales & Marketing Assistant, UK

Silvia Giardini is Sales & Marketing Assistant at iDashboards. Focusing on the growth of the UK market, Silvia supports iDashboards in its overseas expansion. Outside office hours, Silvia loves being outdoors, discovering the hidden gems of London.


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