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Yesterday, we released the latest version of iDashboards, v9.7, and with it the next generation of the iDashboards Data Hub. Our developers have been hard at work, adding more and more features to the ETL tool that simplify the data preparation process. We couldn’t be more excited to share them, and to continue improving our software so that our customers can continue to embrace a data-driven future.

Here’s what’s new with iDashboards v9.7:

ETL Updates

The main focus of v9.7 is to add even more enhancements to the Data Hub. The Data Hub allows users to connect and combine multiple data sources to create dynamic dashboards. Data preparation is the biggest challenge for our customers, so we’re working to make the process as seamless as possible.

  • Multi-Site Data Hub: If your organization has multiple sites, you already know how difficult it can be to get everyone on the same page. Now, you can install Data Hubs at each of your offices and connect them over the Internet to share blended data, creating your own data mart. That way, everyone is working from the same set of data regardless of their physical location.
  • More Transformations: We continue to add more and more ETL transformations into the Data Hub. New and improved with v9.7…
    • Split Columns
    • Combine Columns
    • Aggregate Columns
    • Date Difference – Easily see the difference between two dates in your data without using formulas and scripts.
  • Sequencing: Often when building an ETL job, you’ll have transformations that are dependent on other transformations. Now, you can tell the Data Hub which tasks to process first, so your data preparation will follow your needed workflow.
  • Improved UX: The Data Hub workspace now has a grid, so you can keep objects in your ETL workflows neat and organized.

API Connectors

Connecting to your data sources with the Data Hub has never been easier. We’ve created 4 new API connections for some of the most popular online data sources, so you’ll always have the access you need. Best of all, you can pull exactly what you want from these sources, streamlining the process and eliminating double-work like recreating reports or queries.

  • Salesforce: Connect directly to your Salesforce instance and build dashboards from Reports, Objects, and SOQL queries.
  • QuickBooks Online: Connect directly to QuickBooks Online and build dashboards from your Reports, Entities, and Queries.
  • Google Sheets: Native connection to Google Sheets. You can pull full sheets or specify the columns and data elements you want in your dashboards.
  • Google Analytics: This connection gives you access to the Accounts, Web Properties, and Views of your website(s).

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Other Goodies

We’ve also made improvements to the whole iDashboards suite. These updates are all focused on streamlining the design, experience, and maintenance of your dashboards.

  • Chart Titles and Naming: Due to popular demand, we have introduced title wrapping for charts and simplified remaming of chart titles.
  • HTML5 Enhancements: Load screen animations are back in the HTML5 viewer, as is the ability to right-click on any chart and export the data to Excel.
  • Wall Display Central Management: Prior to 9.7, each individual Wall Display had to be configured and managed locally. Now, there is Centralized Wall Display management, giving you the ability to manage an unlimited number of Wall Displays from the comfort of your desk.

There’s a lot to be excited about with iDashboards, so why don’t you see for yourself? Click here to request a personalized demo of iDashboards and the Data Hub.

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Trip Dixon Director of Operations @iDashboards

As iDashboards Operations Director, Trip Dixon manages all aspects of the marketing, professional services, pre-sales services and technical support departments. In addition to Trip’s leadership expertise, he is an experienced presenter and has spoken at numerous industry events all over the world.


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