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London, UK – This week, iDashboards hosted its first ever conference in the UK. We gathered at the Hilton Paddington Hotel, a stunning 19th century Victorian Building in the heart of London.

iDashboards Conference London ProgramDay 1 – Kicking things off beautifully

Gee Lamba, general manager of iDashboards UK and EU, kicked off the event welcoming the iDashboards’ users and interested prospects.  The conference’s first day was featured by David McCandless, founder of the seminal data visualization website “Information Is Beautiful”. David is a London-based author, data-journalist and information designer, working across print, advertising, TV and web. His blog and best-selling books Information Is Beautiful (2009) and Knowledge is Beautiful (2014) are dedicated to visualising ideas, issues, knowledge and data – and to discovering novel patterns and stories in the seas of data swamping and surrounding us.

During his speech, David brilliantly pointed out the “Beauty of Data Visualization” showing the audience how to visualize data and info from the real world. We got particularly interested in the visualization of the Brexit options. It is incredible how visualization can make it way easier to understand complex topics like this one.
After this inspiring speech, we had Matt Gentry (iDashboards Senior Technical Service Manager) and Trip Dixon (Operations Director) on stage, giving an introduction on iDashboards while pointing out the software’s latest features.
After a refreshing lunch break, it’s time for everybody to learn from real customers and partners experiences. The customer and partner panel starts as our guests Nigel Bruce (Concept Group – Xerox), Dentello Corinne (Migra Software – IZSLER) and Gordon Rice (Güralp) explain how iDashboards has brought clarity to their decision-making process, improving their businesses in many different ways. It was a fascinating opportunity to gain insight from users across the globe who face the same sorts of data challenges.

For our evening event, all the attendees were invited to a boat cruise along the river Thames, together with a lovely dinner and amazing views of London by night. It was a perfect way to cap off a day of networking and learning, and as we sail along the river, one thought runs through our minds: we can’t wait for day 2 to start!

iDashboards Conference London 4

Day 2 – Time to get our hands dirty!

On Day 2, we learned the secrets of iDashboards directly from the experts: Trip Dixon (Operations Director), Matt Gentry (Senior Technical Services Manager) and Alison Focht (Senior Marketing Coordinator). They traveled all the way from our World Headquarters in Metro Detroit to London to drop some knowledge and enlighten us with tips & tricks to create visually engaging dashboards. Trip discussed the top Tech Support questions and gave a deep dive into our most common queries in OSKAR, our online support portal. Matt also gave our UK audience a formal introduction to the Data Hub, iDashboards’ built-in data repository and ETL tool, which debuted with Version 9.5. Alison provided our partners insight into our marketing efforts and how we can support our customers and partners to spread the word about their dashboard projects.

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We set up interactive and tailored round table sessions, aimed to provide our guests with the marketing and technical support they need. Our guests came from all around Europe to come and network to expand their product knowledge, and to get practical and actionable next steps. We concluded with one-to-one meeting sessions, where our attendees had the opportunity for tailored support, suggestions and best practices directly to the iDashboards team.

“We started in a world made up by Excel files… Now we developed a true strong ETL process which feeds iDashboards visualizations with almost no human intervention. Thanks to iDashboards, Izsler has saved a lot of man/day effort and economical resources. A big success, indeed!” – Corinne Dentello, CMO Migra Software Evolution

While the day gets to its end, we can’t believe the Conference it’s already over! We have been working so hard to make this event a success, and we are happy to see that everybody is leaving with new ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm!

We would like to take the chance to say thank you to all the people who joined us and to those who helped us making this event a success! We hope to see you all again next year!

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Silvia Giardini Sales & Marketing Assistant, UK

Silvia Giardini is Sales & Marketing Assistant at iDashboards. Focusing on the growth of the UK market, Silvia supports iDashboards in its overseas expansion. Outside office hours, Silvia loves being outdoors, discovering the hidden gems of London.


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