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Some companies talk a big game about treating their employees like family, but here at iDashboards, we take it to heart. Personally, I’ve never been with an organization that works and plays together so well as we do here. Whether it’s celebrating Pi Day with Pie, planning dodgeball tournaments in Detroit, sharing Tigers Tickets, volunteering together during the holidays, office decoration contests, or just chatting about that weird dream you had last night about a bird that got stuck in the office that you released, calmly, onto the other side of the window to see his little bird friend… eh, we might be a little kooky, but we’ve got each other.

A bunch of us also have furry family members that we adore. We wanted to give a special showcase of these extended members of the iDashboards community. Behold…

The Pets of iDashboards

We asked our coworkers to share some info about their animal companions – dogs, cats, horses, stray squirrels that get special names; whatever cuddly creatures give our coworkers joy, we wanted to meet them.

Alison: “This is Manny, aka Mannykins. I adopted him when I was in college. He is on an extended vacation at his grandpa’s house since my current apartment does not allow dogs. I think he is a mix of a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier. He loves snuggling, eating, and his bowtie and he hates the rain and loud noises.”

Char: “These are my fur babies Jessie Girl and Lou, who are inseparable. They are both rescues which means 100% unconditional love.  They love to lay in bed with me but even more so when the grandkids are over.  They also love to spoon in one dog bed even though they each have their own bed. I’ve rescued since 1981.  I always have at least two dogs so they have each other and are never alone when we’re at work, but over the years we have had three but I’ve learned two is best for us.”

Alex: “Precious is one of the most affectionate cats ever.  Whenever I return home from a trip out of town, hours of cuddle time always follow.  Besides resting on my lap, her other hobbies include perching in the windows and catching water drops from the bath tub faucet.”

Carolyn: “Meet Teddy – the sweetest, happiest, most loveable dog.  Teddy is a Poosh (Poodle – Shih Tzu Mix) and fate had a hand in us meeting in August 2005 in Melville, NY.  Since then, we moved to Detroit, mommy and daddy got married, added two kiddos to the mix, and he’s survived a dog attack and liver cancer.  He’s still the sweetest, happiest, most loveable dog you’ll ever meet!”

Sean: “These are our Siberian Huskies, Nymeria and Hodor. Yes, they are named after Game of Thrones and they have House Stark dog tags. Both think they’re lap dogs, but they’re way too big. We adopted Nymeria in 2012, now 6 years old, female, small for husky ~50 lbs., “salt and pepper” coloring, quiet/keeps to herself, but is more dominant, will run out of the house if the door is left open. We adopted Hodor in 2014, now 4 years old, male, regular husky size ~65 lbs., “red and white” coloring (he’s really more orange and white), talks a lot and is cuddly, more submissive, but not very smart.”

Jerry: “Fritz is the fuzzy one who has been turned into a meme. He’s one cool cat. Acts more like a dog than a cat. He likes to be called King Fritz. He has his own Facebook page. Every morning he lays directly in my path as he wants to scratched from head to tail. And then, there is Rosie. She doesn’t like me. And, I don’t like her. She’s always staring me down. Freaks me out. She is the antithesis of King Fritz. Rosie has never let me pet her, not once. ”

Carlos: “Levi is an English Yellow Lab. Because he’s so dark, some call them Fox Red Labs. We got him as a discount puppy from a farm in the thumb. He was “On Sale” because he is considered a Dudley. Dudley labs lack pigmentation on their nose, lips, and around their eyes, but it also disqualifies them from being shown, which is what his litter was bred for. Fairly typical Labrador; easy going, fun loving retriever of all things and a cuddler. He loves my Fiancée’s niece and she loves him. We just have to keep an eye on them, because she is almost two and is obsessed with poking his eyes. Worst or best part of it is… He just takes it. Atypical for Labradors, Levi points, and so he communicates with us by getting us to what he wants and then points at it. In effect, he has “trained” my dad to get treats for him on command.”

Marisa: “This is Leon, and yes, he’s named after King Leonidas (he has the attitude to match). Ever since he was a puppy, Leon has made snorting noises that make it sound like there is a pig somewhere in the house. He has an addiction to pinecones and shredding paper, loves any toy that is the color white, and enjoys watching The West Wing. Most weekends you can catch him running circles around the bigger dogs at the dog park, and happily enjoying his Puppaccino from Starbucks on the way home.”

John: “Nina is our Chihuahua, she’s 11 years old, likes fancy hats, and we got her as a Christmas present for the kids. Lulu on the other hand is only 5 years old, and the newest member of our family – we rescued her one week ago from the Humane Society.”

Jen: “Chief is pretty shy when you first meet him, but once he gets comfortable he’s just about the snurggliest cat ever. He loves to headbutt, purr and twitch (he’s a little ‘special,’ I think he might be somewhere on the Pawtism spectrum). He’s mostly an indoor cat, though he occasionally hangs outside with the neighborhood strays, of which there are 7 or so. He has two litter boxes and sometimes chooses to use neither.”

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Jim: “Here you have Brooklyn on the left and Joplin on the right. Brooke is now 6.5 years old and Joplin would have been 14 in May (we had to make the tough decision to help Jop over the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago). Brooke is our comic relief, and Joplin was our Protector. Polar opposites, but always had a fun time together.”

Cecelia: “Leo AKA Leonardo/Leonard AKA Lucifer (when he’s bad). He’s a 3 ½ year old Malamute/Rottweiler that was born on Thanksgiving! I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is super fuzzy, doesn’t drool (thank god), and eats really really fast. No matter what I do. Stuffed animal toys are his favorite even though they only last a day, and likes to sleep on his back like a weirdo. Sometimes he curls up in a little ball when he naps and ends up looking like a weird cat. He also makes really friends easily (takes after his mom), and looks like he’s always smiling! :)”

Trip: “Scout is 4 years old and was a rescue.  He’s a wonderful dog, especially to our 3 year old daughter.  She abuses the heck out of him as 3 year olds do, but he always just sits there and takes it, never getting angry or acting out.  He’s loved by all and is an integral part of our family.”

Warren: “Ruffian is our very affectionate 12 year old cat. She was a stray and adopted us in early 2008. She loves getting tons of attention and drinking out of water glasses. Misty is a 20 year old quarter horse/thoroughbred cross. We have known her since she was 11 and she joined our family when she was 16. Misty is very sweet but strong-minded and a little bit sassy. Zorro will be 1 year old in May. He is a Friesian colt, and his Dad was world champion in 2005. He joined our family in October. Zorro is incredibly sweet, bold, and confident… and loves giving kisses!”

Jenna: “Gunner is a 2 year old spoiled German shorthair pointer that loves to go running with his mama. He is full of energy and even after a 10 mile run is a bit of a wild one – which is how his nickname became Beastie. He has his own hashtag – #gunnerryberg that is followed by hundreds on Instagram.”

Melissa: “Hey there. I’m Betty White. They say I’m deaf, but I never hear them. It’s cool, cause I’m pretty OK at sign language. I’m a Dalmatian mixed with some other things or something. I enjoy long walks in the park, peanut butter by the fire (AKA the heat vent), and all the belly rubs. Oh, and that park where all my friends hang out. That place is awesome. KBYE.”

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