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Dashboard Passion Projects: Making Academy Awards Predictions with Data

As productive as we are at iDashboards HQ, we spend a good bit of time talking. We talk about data visualization, we talk about our projects and clients, we talk about our weekends… and yes, like most people, we talk about movies. Right now, we’re talking about the Oscars (not to be confused with OSKAR, the iDashboards Support Portal!).

The Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, and our office (and the Internet) is abuzz with anticipation. Personally, I love reading the about who will win which awards, and analyzing the trends by which the predictions are being made. I’ve noticed that for many would-be prognosticators, much of weight is given to what awards the nominated films have already won; the “lesser” awards, if you will. An interesting predictor, but is it the only one? What about other factors, like profitability, buzz, the reputation and experience of the cast and crew, and critical acclaim? What if we had a predictor engine that ran off of actual data points, not just anecdotal evidence? What if you could see, in a single glance, all the factors that might influence the Academy’s decision?

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At a certain point, I stopped asking “what if” and decided to build it myself.

This interactive dashboard allows the user to look at each nominated film through the lens of five factors:

  • Profitability (source: IMDB.com)
  • Director “Score” (how many films they’ve made)
  • Leading Roles (how many films the two stars have made)
  • Buzz (search volume data)
  • Critic Score (source: IMDB.com)

You can adjust the weight of each factor up at the top of the dashboard. If, for example, you think that profitability is very important, but director “score” is less so, you could change “profitability” to 100 and director to “20”. I highly encourage you to play around with the weighting of each category to see what results you get!

storyboarding dashboard

Apparently my white board marker was filled with magic while I was storyboarding…

As I was storyboarding this dashboard, I realized that there was so much more that I wanted to show. I used the drill down feature to create another dashboard inside this dashboard, where you can see more detailed data about the films’ release date, compare buzz between films, and more. You can navigate to this “hidden” section on the top ribbon of the dashboard.

(Also, apparently my white board marker was filled with magic while I was storyboarding…)

What do you think? Will you be watching the awards ceremony on Sunday? What are you predictions? Leave a comment below, and share your predictions and movie data vizzes with us @iDashboards on Twitter!

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