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What do electronic health records (EHR), data collection, and the presidential election have in common?  The National Council webinar, What to Expect out of Washington in 2017, explored the possible political changes and how they’ll affect the behavioral health industry this year. As a proud partner of iDashboards, RCI is a longstanding EHR consulting service for major players in the healthcare field. Focused on training and cost-effective solutions, RCI helps healthcare providers create and implement strategic planning, budgeting, productivity, outcomes, and more. In the webinar, hosted by the National Council for Behavioral Health, they focused their expertise on preparing healthcare providers and programs for changes on the healthcare horizon – with an emphasis on data-driven insight.

What’s Coming Up In 2017 For Healthcare?

Behavioral Health Policies in WashingtonWith 21st Century Cures Act signed into law, behavioral health will see an additional $1 billion dedicated to families affected by opioid addiction and other serious substance abuse issues. Last year, Obama described the 21st Century Cures Act as “the right thing to do,” since it will provide treatment options for individuals suffering from addiction. Provisions for the Excellence Act, however, didn’t pass.

During President Trump’s first 100 days in office, healthcare might see the first steps toward some serious change. These might include:

  • Repealing executive actions from Obama
  • Border security and immigration reform
  • Reform for individual and corporate taxes
  • ACA “repeal and replace” provisions
With 21st Century Cures Act, $1 billion will given to families affected by substance abuse. Click To Tweet

During budget reconciliation, committees will introduce and adopt spending plans. Once the spending instructions are finalized, each chamber will make adjustments to federal spending. This could include, for example, changes to spending for the Affordable Care Act. Once the changes are passed with a simple majority vote, they’ll be sent for approval to President Trump.

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What’s Next? How RCI Clients Can Make a Difference

EHR consulting dataDuring the webinar, The National Council urged healthcare providers to keep the future in perspective. Even though there could be big changes on the horizon. The National Council’s vision for 2017 includes expanded access to mental health care, increased awareness, and integration of physical and behavioral health – along with the funding to support these goals.

Making a difference doesn’t happen overnight, but healthcare providers and programs can start moving in the right direction. The answer? Data collection and information sharing. In addition, you can stay informed by checking out RCI’s monthly webinars and start gathering the data you need to demonstrate the value of your program. This includes data for funding, cost, and impact. Starting now, you can translate your cause into economic terms.

Making a difference doesn’t happen overnight, but we can move it in the right direction. Click To Tweet

Watch the full What to Expect out of Washington Webinar here or be sure to join RCI and iDashboards at the National Council Conference!

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