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Brand loyalty is the bread and butter of successful businesses in the food and beverage sector. More than virtually any business type, those in the food industry need repeat customers–and brand equity is a sure-fire way to keep consumers coming back for more. Branding, in the business sense, happens when you create and maintain a cohesive image through advertising and customer engagement. From storefronts to packaging and social media profiles, brand consistency is important–but it isn’t enough. The key? Knowing how to foster, maintain, and manage something called brand equity.

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Buttering Up Your Customers Isn’t Enough

Brand loyalty measurement for the food and beverage industryBranding takes strategy. Your brand strategy involves a few components, namely how, where, and when you’ll deploy your company’s branding to potential customers. To create a strong branding campaign, you’ll need to identify your target audience and cater to them. Once you’ve established your brand and start bringing customers in the door, you can build trust – the simple, yet integral element that turns a first-time customer into a devoted consumer.

Customer Satisfaction is Still Important

Customer satisfaction is a major player in brand loyalty. It’s pretty simple: If a customer is satisfied, he or she is more likely, to not only buy your products again, but also recommend them to others.

Tracking and measuring customer satisfaction:

  • Does my business make it easy for customers to get what they want? Is it convenient?
  • When compared to other (similar) businesses, does mine provide the highest quality food?
  • Are customers satisfied with the price of my product as it relates to quality?
  • Are employees helpful, customer-centric, and willing to answer customer questions?
  • After a customer’s first experience with your product, would he or she buy it again?

In short, listen to what your customers say. Build on their positive feedback and carefully consider criticism. Once you understand what matters most to your best customers, you can increase customer satisfaction by meeting those specific needs.

Don’t Neglect the Power of Social Mediahow to measure brand loyalty in the beverage industry

It doesn’t matter who your target audience is; social media can help you build brand awareness and trust. There are a few reasons for this, the foremost being repetition and engagement.

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Tracking engagement and trust on social media:

  • Reach – How many people are exposed to your brand online? Are they part of your target demographic?
  • Comments – Comments are one of the best ways to measure consumer engagement. Are people liking and responding to the videos, advertisements, and images you post?
  • Sharing – Do users find your online content important and engaging enough to share it with others? How often?

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Is Your Loyalty Program Bringing Home the Bacon?

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to gather raw brand equity data. By offering a loyalty program, you’ll not only reward customers for coming back but have the unique opportunity to track the following metrics:

  • Which marketing venues influence your most loyal customers?
  • What percentage of people who sign up actually use the program?
  • Are your email marketing efforts – such as coupons and deals – effective?
  • How often does the average customer redeem points from the program?
  • Is the program profitable? Does it bring in enough business to cover rewards?

Make Data Reporting a Piece of Cake with Data Visualization

Tracking data is one thing, but turning it into brand equity is another story. That’s why iDashboards offers easy-to-use data visualization software for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re a standalone coffee shop or a major player in food distribution, data visualization has the chops to help you succeed. If you’re interested in learning more about your opportunities with iDashboards, get in touch with us for a free trial!

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