Marketing For Non-profits Is Unique, Including Social Media

When it comes to marketing a business, the most important thing is showing your audience why your product or service meets viewers’ unique needs. For non-profits, social media marketing is a completely different ballgame; instead of catering to what the consumer wants, non-profits market a cause. In other words, they educate their audiences on the unique concerns of someone else. It’s a pretty simple concept, but the upshot is radically different – even for social media.

Non-profits Tell a Story, and Social Media is Your Hook

Non-Profit Social Media Dashboards

Are you looking to rescue abandoned animals? Conserve the environment? Support international disaster relief? Whether you’re championing environmental change or clean water in third-world countries, your non-profit tells a story, and social media is where you can hook your readers.

Even though your non-profit marketing strategy is different from that of a for-profit business, many principles are the same. Namely, the importance of gathering data to improve it. To make sure your social media campaign is doing its job, keep an eye on the following data sets: Followers, Engagement, Reputation, Traffic, and Conversions. These are the most important non-profit metrics and will define the success or failure of your social media campaign.

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Interpreting Data from the “Top 5”

  • Followers – Generally, the more followers you have, the more people are reading your ads, articles, and blurbs on social media. Whether you’re tracking followers on Facebook and Twitter or gathering an audience on LinkedIn, remember that quality is better than quantity. In other words, you’re more likely to get conversions from an audience of 100 people who genuinely care about your cause than 1,000 who don’t.
  • Engagement – How many people are talking about your posts? Do people comment, like, and share them? Engagement is a great way to tell if the material you post on social media actually matters to people. Someone who is willing to start a conversation about your non-profit and share a post with friends could become a supporter in the future. If they don’t, this type of engagement can expose your content to people who will.
  • Reputation – As a non-profit, you want to do more than reach the screens of viewers’ laptops and phones; you want to connect with the people behind them. This means maintaining a reputation – or sentiment – with the content you post and share. Set up news alerts for your organization’s name and the causes associated with it. By doing this, you can see readers how react to not only your social media content, but news articles and other post related to your cause.
  • Traffic – Understanding your traffic and where it’s coming from is paramount. Using analytics tools, you can gauge which social media platforms are driving traffic to your website. You can even drill down this data to get a better understanding of what type of content brings more readers. Using this information, you can create more posts and articles like the ones that bring success to your social media campaign.
  • Conversions – The number (or percentage) of conversions you get from social media is the best indicator of the campaign’s success. Every other metric should show you how to improve this With the support of other data, your conversion rate does little to help you actually improve your social media marketing; instead, it gives you a broad understanding of whether or not your campaigns are successful.

How Data Visualization Can Help Your Social Media

Data visualization, using graphs and charts to understand information, is the next step in streamlining your social media marketing. At iDashboards, we offer technology that can benefit not only your marketing department, but every facet of your organization. Using simple, concise, and customizable dashboards, you and your team can spend less time organizing data and more time using it to improve your non-profit social media campaign, increase engagement, and get more conversions.

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  1. Most Non-Profits have a great story to tell. It’s extremely important for them to tell it to as many people as possible to affect positive change.

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