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When you ask one of our team members what it’s like to work at iDashboards, you might get an overwhelming amount of information on the inner workings of dashboards and how they can solve data challenges. What can we say – we’re passionate! But if you really want to know what it’s like to work for (or with) iDashboards, you’ll want to know a little bit about our values and how our awesome team implements them every day.

iDashboards’ Core Values

As you probably know, iDashboards’ purpose is to drill down and bring our clients the most relevant information they need at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger. This culminates in our overall goal: Bring Clarity to Data. All of the values that make iDashboards great are built around our one purpose and goal: to make data fun, accessible and most of all, useful to our customers and their organizations. So what values do our team use in order to bring clarity to data?

iDashboards Company Values
1. Personal Integrity:

  • Stand up against things that are wrong
  • Do what is right regardless of how it may affect you
  • Be trustworthy, keep your promises

iDashboards Corporate Values

Doing the right thing isn’t just reserved internally. Our team is trained to customize and implement what clients need in order to get the most out of their data and have the best possible experience using dashboards. This means that our sales people, engineers, customer service reps–heck, even our marketing departments–are there to help each client in the most ethical manner and offer the best solutions.

We understand that when individuals come to us with their dashboard needs they aren’t just looking for guidance, but often entrusting us with proprietary data. We’ll always do our best to get clients the most out of their data and always be mindful of the nature of the data we are dealing with–so you can be ensured all your information is kept confidential and secure.

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2. Professionalism:

  • Be competent and reliable- stick to your commitments
  • Be honest with your team and honest with your clients
  • Be polite and respectful of others

Treating everyone with respect is the cornerstone of this value. When an iDashboards team member commits to something; whether that’s the delivery of a custom dashboard solution or bringing a potluck item for the holiday party; they stick to it. Our team is built on trust and a huge part of that is staying professional while sticking to commitments, no matter how big or small.

We’re here to help people, and how we help is largely just by being honest. Honesty is integral to giving our customers the best customer service experience and the most useful dashboard software. It’s also important for team members so we can figure out what works, what doesn’t and where we need to continue innovating.

iDashboards Company ValuesOur team works well together; and that’s because we’re respectful of one another’s ideas, needs, and work. It’s impossible to innovate and give our customers the best experience without respecting one another and the work that each of our team members does. This same attitude is also applied to how we interface with our customers. Our team is always respectful of the information we are working with and the needs of the client and strive to be as polite as possible in each interaction.

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3. Accountability:

  • Take ownership and pride in what you do
  • Prevent mistakes and mishaps whenever possible
  • Own up when you make a mistake

The word ‘accountability’ gets a bad rap. But accountability is so much more than owning up to mistakes. It’s taking pride in what you do and producing something that you are proud to have your name and reputation tied to.

Our sales reps, engineers, and customer service representatives want to prevent data mistakes and dashboard mishaps wherever possible. It’s part of holding themselves accountable for client’s success in achieving data clarity.

4. Teamwork:

  • Work together to achieve your goals and your department goals
  • Using individual skills to produce something great together
  • Provide constructive feedback

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work and the dream at iDashboards is to bring clarity to data. By working together as a team, each department continues to improve its functionality and the overall functionality of our dashboards. Constructive feedback and using each individual’s skills allows us to provide a great product and fantastic service.

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As the departments work together, we can determine what new advancements our customers need in order to make their data retrieval and visual data the best it can be. Of all of our core values, our employee’s ability to work together to produce a great product combined with our award-winning customer service is what allows our customers to see that iDashboards is the best when it comes to bringing clarity to data.

As we implement these values and continue to grow our team, our ability to deliver each of these values all of the time can be challenging but our team is up to the task. At iDashboards, we are committed to working together to build upon the core values the company was founded upon in order to provide you the most fun, interactive and inspiring data visualizations.

Want to learn more about iDashboards and what we do? Check out our video tour!

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Jenna Ryberg Human Resources Director @iDashboards

An iDashboards employee since 2009, Jenna Ryberg has extensive experience within accounting and HR, and has been the driving force behind the iDashboards Conferences.


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