Manufacturing accounts for nearly 11.2 percent of America’s Gross Domestic Product. The manufacturing industry is constantly growing and changing, and data is important to tracking these changes. Data is used in this sector to track commodities, shipping, along with thousands of other pieces of data. We have combed through manufacturing data sets to find the most interesting sets that the government and other organizations compiled. Take a look at some statistics below.

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Five Manufacturing Data Sets from

The U.S. Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Census, Commodity Flow Survey

manufacturing data setsIn 2012, trucks transported 10,905,518 tons of material around the United States. Imagine that the next time you see an eighteen-wheeler on the highway. It is important for the Department of Commerce to keep track of the shipment, commodities, and methods used to ship in the manufacturing industry. The data helps companies and the government see what their biggest commodity is and the most common methods of shipping them.

U.S. Department of Commerce, Monthly Retail Trade Survey

No one typically thinks about what happens behind the scenes of retail–especially the data that stores and distributors regularly record. The U.S. Department of Commerce keeps track of the sales in each type of sector. For instance, in the first seven months of 2016, clothing stores made $137,181 million in sales. This survey keeps a record of sales from retail categories ranging from gas station sales to food services. This sampling helps retailers know what products are selling best and help spot trends for ordering.

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U.S Department of Commerce, Global Patterns of a State’s Imports

There is a good deal of emphasis on using local products in each state. However, there is a lot of imports coming into each state yearly. Did you know that two largest importers to California are China and Mexico? Wisconsin receives most of its imports from China and Canada. We didn’t until we looked at the data. Using this database, you can look up manufacturing data by state to see how many products come into your state yearly.

U.S. Department of Commerce, Manufactured Homes Survey

The sale and manufacturing of mobile homes are kept track of by the Department of Commerce.  Furthermore, the Department of Housing and Urban Development use the data to review the total mobile homes being produced while trade associations use the data to look at the housing market. As of June 2016, 7.3 thousands of mobile home units were shipped across the United States with 4.8 thousand of those units used for residences.

U.S. Department of Commerce, Panama Industry Opportunity Reports

The United States and the country of Panama have always had an interesting relationship. Continuing on that tradition, America is always looking for different trade and manufacturing opportunities in Panama. This database allows people to select a certain data set and look at the opportunities in each sector. Exporting agricultural equipment to Panama is a particularly lucrative business. Between 2008-2010, the United States shipped $6 million of farm equipment to Panama.

We hope this data was eye-opening! Take a look at the past data set entry!

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