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Did you know that 77% of people who shop online rely on reviews to make their decisions? It makes sense to us. Consumer data sets are used to track information like this so they can predict future buying trends and behaviors. However, consumer data is not just about what people are buying. Our look into data sets reveals that organizations keep surveys of bankruptcy cases and even where people aren’t spending their money. As consumers, it’s important for you to understand this data as well. Take a look at what we uncovered.

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Consumer Data Sets

Consumer Data Sets from data.gov

US Census Bureau, Department of Commerce, New Housing Characteristics

Houses generally follow trends and how they are built. Ranch houses were popular for a long time, just as Victorians were in the 19th century. This database records the size of houses being built, the number of bedrooms, and so much more. Currently, the average single family home has three or more bedrooms with a median lot size of 9,439 square feet. An additional fact is that 204,000 new homes sold in 2015 had three or more bathrooms.

Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC Litigation (2010)

Are you a law student wanting to know about past SEC civil cases? There is a database to assist you. The SEC records the results of civil cases for reference. The most recent data set we found is from 2010.  One case involves Helvetia Pharmaceuticals and the company violating two different Securities Exchange Acts. The courts ruled against the company. You can search the database for numerous cases.

Securities and Exchange Commission, Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are part of the ins and outs of being an investor. A mutual fund is a share directly purchased from the company. After the acquisition, the shares are filed with the SEC. Investors can search for this filings by entering in their ticket number or the name of the mutual fund. There were over 15,000 mutual funds in the United States last year.

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US Census Bureau, Department of Commerce, Income and Poverty Estimates

For numerous reasons, it is necessary to keep up with the poverty levels in each state and county. From school districts to government aid, this data reveals which areas are in the most need of assistance. The database is updated yearly and breaks down the numbers on different levels. Currently, Mississippi is the state with the highest poverty level with New Hampshire being the lowest.

US Census Bureau, Department of Commerce, Population Estimates

Knowing where the largest and smallest populations are in the nation is essential to government functions. The population is the Census Bureau’s business, but it also helps know where money is allocated to various populations. The data set is frequently updated, and the estimates help predict growth. The estimated population projection for the state of California is 49.8 million by 2050.

As you can see from these data sets, consumer data encompasses a broad range of topics that go beyond what we typically view as consumer buying.

All data is courtesy of data.gov and may be removed or changed at any time.

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