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OSKAR 3.0 Support

OSKAR and our awesome technical support team

iDashboards is excited to announce new updates to our OSKAR (Online Support Knowledge Acquisition Repository) support portal. You, our customers, asked for it and we listened! We are adding online forums and community support to our system. iDashboards believes in engaging with our clients and networking with other users and we know that this will help you stay connected even after the #iDashboards16 Conference. We also added enhancements that will improve your user experience.

Here are some the updates you can expect from the new OSKAR 3.0:

Community Updates

  1. Vote on topics and enhancements to the portal
  2. You can subscribe\follow on topics, posts, and people
  3. Ability to add user profiles
  4. Create and follow discussions on the forum
  5. Easily navigate through a new, separate knowledge base
  6. Improved Ticket Creation System
  7. Enhanced Search for knowledge base articles

You are probably wondering how these updates will benefit you. Having an online community builds stronger relationships between you and other iDashboards customers where you can network and learn best practices within your industry. Also, your opinions and ideas are very important to us. Our clients are the foundation for our growth – your success, is our success. You support us just as much as we support you. Your feedback will let us know what we need to add to the forums and OSKAR. Another benefit is that the forum updates will allow us to answer your customer service needs faster. With a more efficient way to handle customer service requests, you’ll get even quicker support and answers.

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Having an online community builds stronger relationships Click To Tweet

We also want to highlight that our forum will organize customer services needs and ideas by section. This will increase our speed and focus on responding to customer feedback. Additionally, the new search system will allow you to find helpful articles from our website. You can filter the searches by topic. Perhaps the search even helps answer your questions before you contact us. With easier navigation, you can post and create topics with greater speed. iDashboards hopes you will take advantage of all OSKAR 3.0 has to offer.

iDashboards outfitted the updates with you in mind. Please let us know what you think of the new and improved OSKAR 3.0 below or on the new forum.

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Aaron Olson Technical Operations Manager @iDashboards

Aaron Olson is the Technical Operations Manager at iDashboards and has twenty years of experience in the field of IT working as a systems engineer, technical support engineer.


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