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If there is money or stocks in involved, there is sure to be a finance data set nearby. Finance is a part of many facets of our lives and so is the data behind it. From banking to investing, data keeps track of where exactly the money goes.  The complexity of the data varies, but each data set tells a story. We searched for the most extraordinary finance data sets to show you. Take a look at the example finance data sets below to discover what lies beneath these numbers.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Failed Banks

When a bank fails, it gets reported to the FDIC. Since 2000, the FDIC has kept a record of each failed bank in America. In 2015, there were twelve failed banks recorded. The two states with the most closings were Illinois and Georgia. We also noticed a trend that more banks failed during the summer than any other season.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Low Income Housing Issues

Each year, housing developments take a survey of the most common issues found within low-income housing areas. The results of the survey are used to determine housing needs in each area. Some of the most common issues are rent being raised too high, lack of availability, and rundown buildings. People in low-income brackets rely on affordable housing so it’s important to be aware of issues when they arise.

free finance data setsCommodity Futures Trading Commission, Open Interest for Traders

This data set records open interest rates for trade markets in areas such as agriculture and energy. Various positions are also reported along with changes in the market. Traders can look up historical data reports to see the interest rates in the past decades. The interest rate for four or less traders in 2009 was 25.5%.

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US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Neighborhood Stabilization Programs

Ever wonder what happens to those abandoned and foreclosed properties in your neighborhood? Well, there are programs that buy these properties and rehabilitate them. By purchasing these homes, the programs help stabilize the community. The state with the highest number of foreclosure, with a total of 41,327, is California. The program allocated $53,053,032 to buy and rehabilitate these homes.

Department of Homeland Security/FEMA, National Flood Hazards

It may seem odd that flood risks are in the finance section, but if you’re living in a flood zone it is important to know so you’re prepared with flood insurance. In this database, you can check the flood risk of each county in America to know if your home is in danger. The maps show detailed GIS data of flood risk and insurance rates. Florida is the most flood prone state with Louisiana in second. The average cost of flood insurance in Florida is $700 per year.

We hope these financial data sets showed you some information you did not expect to see in this category. Finance covers many different aspects of day-to-day living. Knowing how much flood insurance costs and the issue of low-income families is part of this vast sector.

All data courtesy of data.gov. Data.gov reserves the right to remove or add links at any time.

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