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So what’s the deal with dashboards? Well, our team has produced an in-house video series giving a tour of what dashboards are and how they can be utilized to fit your organization. The decision to produce our video entirely in-house came pretty easily. When we were discussing having actors play in our videos, we were told by agencies that actors could present a ‘confidence’ that our employees couldn’t because they aren’t used to being on camera. iDashboards Tour OuttakesIt was then that we knew that iDashboards employees were the only people qualified to star and produce these videos; because there is no one more confident in our software and what we do then the people who work with it every day and customize it to fit our client’s individual needs.

When we told our team we were going to be doing a video tour of our software, many were excited to be a part of it and talk about the aspects they’re involved in and what makes them so passionate about their work. Our team worked together to showcase why our software is fun, engaging and intuitive and how you can get the best experience working with us. The people featured in these videos are the ones you will be working with directly; our account managers and support team featured are the exact same ones who will be working with you. And while they were stoked to make a video about a product they’re so proud of and enjoy using; we didn’t tell them that we were also going to be producing this. In all their awkward, and occasionally profane, glory we present: The Blooper Reel!

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Once we figured out what to do with our hands, we ended up with a fantastic series of videos featuring company leaders, account managers and technical engineers that walk you through the benefits of our software and how you can use our customizable features to create unique accessibility options for your organization, departments and clientele to use. The purpose of these videos is to show you how to use dashboards to visually connect your data and also showcases all of the support you will have throughout the process of creating your dashboards.


So if you’re still pulling a Ricky Bobby and you’re not too sure what to do with your hands – check out our video tour.

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Alison Focht Senior Marketing Coordinator @iDashboards

Alison Focht is a part of the marketing team. Over her three years at iDashboards, Alison has developed a passion for data and drinking…coffee.


  1. Funny video…it was great seeing the team having fun on this video after meeting many of them at the 2016 iDashboards conference.

  2. Fun video – very creative! Love the new contact video page too – the way you keep scrolling and it automatically starts the next video is pretty sweet.

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