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Do you have a SQL Server?  Would be a lot cooler if you did.  Sean Warren here, blogging live from the #iDashboards16 Conference in Las Vegas.  Solution Services: Help Us Help You!. 

Menu of Custom Solution Services available from iDashboards

TomTom Meacham, Pre-Sales and Solutions Engineer at iDashboards discussed the menu of available Custom Solution Services.

  • We write SQL queries, views, and stored procedures
  • We build iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI) jobs
  • We create web data entry forms and databases to store data
  • We storyboard, design & build dashboards

“The big thing for us is to add value for our clients.  The iDashboards culture and what they offer did just that of course.” – Tom Jurasek

The big thing for us is to add value for our clients. Click To Tweet

Tom JurasekTom Jurasek, CPA began working at a hometown CPA firm where he found his niche – consulting with manufacturers.  Focus on core competencies.  He’s focused on providing value to clients, while the iDashboards engineers are focused on writing queries and building dashboards.  Reduced administration hours, increasing the ratio of billable hours, which is the #1 KPI in his industry.

“I run my business with these dashboards now.” – Chris Dale

I run my business with these dashboards now. Click To Tweet

Before DashboardsChris Dale, President and Janene Dawson, Director of Employee Relations, Recruitment and Retention at Little John Transportation Services, Inc. discussed their experience before and after iDashboards.

Before iDashboards – stuck in a spreadsheet he built and maintained for 2+ years.  Ran into manual entry errors with hundreds of people updating the spreadsheets.  Created scorecards and would go over the scorecard with each employee each month, spending hours with each employee.  He was stuck running the company like he had 12 employees when he now had over 100.  3-4 days on analysis for a single employee each time they’d ask for feedback.

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After DashboardsAfter iDashboards – Took all of the freight bill into a web application.  The data is live and feedback is live via the dashboards.  They use LCD screens in the office and they love it.  This allows them to manage by exception and congratulate the people that are doing well and correct those having issues.  The sales people can see live what they’ve made this week in commissions.  With the falling price of fuel, the cost per load decreased around 30%, but with the increased efficiencies created by iDashboards, “we’re able to hustle and makeup that 30% by booking more loads”.  Little John really uses the dashboards to manage their employees, not just the normal trucking KPIs, which has lead to favorable metrics when compared to the industry, including 50% higher Revenue per Person and 25% higher Margins.

Janene discussed how she rolls out dashboards.  “Throw it out there and see if it sticks.  If it needs changes, we make changes.”  She recommended investing time into thinking through the entire process.  They had jumped forward and had to move back a little to refocus on what was needed.  Get feedback from the client / user on how they like the dashboards before finalizing.  Asking for the feedback really improves the dashboards overall and buy-in from the users.  Chris ended the session by saying, “Having the live tracking makes me comfortable to add employees and take the business to the next level.”

What I really took from this session was that we all have core competencies.  Hiring experts to complete tasks allows our customers to focus on their business.

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Sean Warren Program Manager for Implementation and Solutions Consulting @iDashboards

Sean has helped hundreds of clients transform their rows and columns into beautiful dashboards and is currently focused on client on-boarding, consulting, and retention. He has a passion for non-profit success with experience in QuickBooks, Microsoft SQL Server, and various data-prep tools. When he's not building dashboards, you'll find him on a mountain bike with his son (Arthur) or vacuuming fur from 2 Siberian Huskies (Nymeria and Sven).


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