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There is not a single company that doesn’t love the idea of dashboards if they don’t already have it. What’s the number one reason why they don’t have it yet? Data. The data isn’t where it needs to be for a dashboard solution. That is why we are live blogging from the iDashboards Data Integrator: Data Blended Not Stirred Session at the #iDashboards16 Conference in Las Vegas!

iDashboards strives to give the consumer a complete solution. Do we have the best looking dashboards? We certainly believe so, but that doesn’t give you everything you need in order to have a successful dashboard project. That is why iDashboards has introduced the iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI), our data blending tool, last year during our conference in Miami. Now, a year later, we have incredible customer testimonies about the difference it is making every day.

Sean Warren with iDashboards shared a story about a customer, Ericsson, who was completely swamped with Excel files, which I’m sure we can all relate to. “We helped Ericsson take their files and take a process that once took 2 days a week to get the data dashboard ready, and turn that into 1 minute a week, and that 1 minute is automated.” Sean added.

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The iDI is an ETL tool that we use at iDashboards daily. For newbies like me that are unfamiliar with these type of tools, ETL stands for extract, transform, and load. It takes all of your data sources, whether it is Excel, a database, text file, etc. and puts it all into the software. From there, it transposes, fixes duplicates, creates joins, and manipulates the data however you need. Then, you can load your data output into another file or database and it is ready for a dashboard. That means for those people out there who have SQL databases but have a hard time writing code, this software can create those joins for you!

iDI job

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Sean added a great story about Freight Management Plus. They had 47 Excel files, one for each customer they had that they sent it out weekly. “We took all of the Excel files, brought it into one, manipulated the data, and uploaded it into iDashboards.” Sean explained. Essentially, the organization created a single dashboard so they could see an overview of all their customers. They gave each customer a login with a unique feature called “filter on user” so when they logged in, they only saw data specific to them.

Alex, Business Intelligence Developer at Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union, took the stage to add how this applies to his organization. “I took data from every department; it includes Excel, text files, SQL, batch files, and our core, and created a job that saved me hours each day.” Even though Alex is fluent in writing SQL code, he added that he never finds the need to write SQL anymore because of this powerful tool.

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Just like any fun tool, it only becomes real when you try it out. Interested in data blending? You can contact us at any time to for more information. Stick around and keep an out for the next iDashboards blog!

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