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Dashboard Implementation You’ve reached our live blog straight from Las Vegas! #iDashboards16 is kicking off a session titled “How to Win the Enterprise Implementation Cage Match”. iDashboards’ Channel Manager John Melucci moderated this informative session with our amazing clients, Heather Rudolph of RCI Consulting and Norman Rankis of McWane Ductile.

During this session they focused on the following conversations in order to win the Implementation Cage Match in their organization:

What led you to iDashboards?

Heather of RCI Consulting (H): Our first step was to move from paper charts to Electronic Health Records (EHR). I found iDashboards at a conference and saw a way to visualize data from multiple systems to reduce row and column reporting.

Norman of McWane Ductile (N): McWane had so many systems with disparate data. We needed a way to not only visualize this data, but get it to people whenever they needed it.

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How did you handle the implementation?

H: Dashboards eliminate fear and get everyone on the same page when beginning a new project. Dashboards give you that ah ha moment! Culture, fear and exposure may hold your implementation back…address these quickly and you will have a smooth run. Dashboards can also expose departments or even individual people. Be aware of this. Creating your own Quickstart guides or walkthrough videos is extremely important to getting everyone on the same page.

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N: If they can’t figure it out, they stop using it. Our implementation is very simple. We use Citrix on our mobile phones so that each person can ask questions 24/7.

Dashboard ImplementationWhat ROI has iDashboards produced for your company?

N:  Our ROI has:

  • Saved paper…work orders, reports, etc it all adds up to reams of paper that we do not have to buy anymore
  • Shown our team actually using it, taking the systems as the “bible” of your company
  • Helped to keep costs low now that we can compare materials in dashboards

H:  My ROI is a roomful of executives saying “WOW” once they see the dashboards.

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Thank you for tuning into our live bog today! If you want to learn more on how Norman and McWane Ductile uses their dashboards, check out Norman’s previous interview on “What Dashboards Mean for Modern Manufacturers: Insight from Our Friends at McWane Ductile”.

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