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Join us on a journey from historical data to live data analysis. Find out how Mary Washington Healthcare was able to drive greater value and gain a competitive advantage with iDashboards. Sheila L. Seal and Tanya Klesc of Mary Washington Health (MWH) presented our Marquee Speech this afternoon.

Where it all began…

Mary Washington Health’s journey began five years ago when they looked to compile disparate data into a data warehouse. Once this was in place they set out to build dashboards from over 18 unique data sources (all SQL) which turned in to over 1500 charts in 540 dashboards. At that time in 2011, they started out with 12 iDashboards users and have grown to 405 users currently!MWH 4

Their favorite iDashboards features that they recommend using include:

• Filters
• Cascading filters
• User filters parameters
• Drilldowns

Major Advantages of live dashboards they’ve found include:

• Patient flow monitoring
• Data transparency
• Compliance improvement

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iDashboards has been monumental in helping us accomplish the following:

• Instead of numbers, we show trends which have helped pinpoint turnover.

• The status quo used to be making decisions on data that was one week old. With dashboards, it is updated as soon as we need it!

• Monitoring admittance of ER patients between different physicians has become more streamlined.

• Tracking length of stay by unit with the ability drilldown to see which patients are in which bucket. Ex: By doctor, when room is ready, when patient was wheeled in, when patient showed up, how long patient has been under anesthesia.

• Next phase is incorporating predictive analytics into the dashboards.

The status quo used to be making decisions on data that was a week old. Now it's updated as soon as we need it! Click To Tweet

As things happen, MWH is able to proactively create dashboards to monitor daily issues in the hospital. Stay tuned for more live blogging from #idashboards16!

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