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We’re live blogging here from the #iDashboards16 Conference in Las Vegas where “Anything is possible”. That’s the lasting impression from the inspirational message delivered by our Keynote Speaker, Vinh Giang, as we kick off #iDashboards16. Vinh is a businessman, entrepreneur and international motivational speaker who uses magic as his metaphor on stage. While in his 20s, he started an online business which now teaches magic to almost 50,000 students around the world. For this innovative and successful business idea, Vinh and his friends were awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

Vinh grew up in a traditional Vietnamese home, so you can imagine the reaction from his parents when he told them he was going to “quit university and teach magic online”. Thankfully, as his father reflected back on the sacrifices he made to bring his family to Australia, he knew freedom meant doing what you love, not something you are forced to do. A quote from Vinh’s wise father, “In this life, jump as high as you can. As long as I am alive, I will forever be your net.”

Vinh Giang Keynote iDashboards Conference

Who is a net in your life? Do you have someone who is influencing your path in a positive manner? Vinh went on to discuss that you are a direct reflection of the top 5 people you spend the time with.

“Influence is so powerful that just one negative person in your life will not let you jump as high in your life.” – Vinh’s Dad

“Influence is so powerful that just one negative person will not let you jump as high Click To Tweet

Everyone has those times where you wake up in the morning and you do not feel inspired or motivated. You feel as though you’ve plateaued. Vinh realized that that day he had become the average of the top 5 people he spent time with so he wanted to add someone more influential into his life. If you don’t feel inspired, bring someone into the top 5 that will influence you!

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Another key point discussed was perspective. “Every time there was a problem I couldn’t solve either professionally or personally…I had only started looking at it from my point of view…We also have to look for that different perspective,” Vinh said. “Innovation is just composition. Its two industries or perspectives that have never come together before. Collaboration is power. Perspective is power.” To get a genuine fresh perspective you should speak to someone outside of your industry.

When you believe you can do something, go for it. Vinh explains, “Your beliefs dictate your actions.” When you keep these three things in mind – perspective, and influence and believe – anything is possible.

Vinh Giang at the iDadshboards Conference

“Your beliefs dictate your actions.” @askVinh #iDashboards16 Click To Tweet

Steve Jobs said, “There are people in the world that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world. Those are the people who actually do,” and Vinh is absolutely one of those people!

There are people in the world that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world. Click To Tweet

Continue conversations with Vinh at or @askvinh or follow #iDashboards16 for live streams and blogs from the iDashboards Conference.

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