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Our Customer Panel Session is one of the most popular sessions at #iDasboards16! This live blog will detail the tips and tricks that our customers have implemented on their own dashboards.

Today’s panelists include:Customer Panel Innovation

  • Matt Nawrocki: St. Joseph Mercy Oakland
  • Jayna Mistry: City of Houston – Housing
  • Laura Manahan: Francis Tuttle Technology Center
  • Nancy Aiuto: Michigan Schools & Government CU

Matt Nawrocki: St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

Matt walked the audience through his experience implementing iDashboards internally at his hospital. Employees were overworked and burnt out attempting to churn out 1 dashboard/week with over 200 Excel files during the pilot implementation. Matt recommends a 90% planning, 10% execution strategy when implementing. He also noted that dashboards and the data tracking associated with it can disarm employees. Example: Nurses may not want every single thing they do all day to be tracked.

Customer Panel InnovationMake sure that you have a “polite” way of making sure everyone is on the same team and your ultimate “user” is satisfied i.e. hospital patient. Mistakes will happen, but if your team learns from them you can grow from it. St Joseph currently has 50-60 categories with 3-5 dashboards per category. Their users span 5 hospitals and several hundred employees. In their facility, all of major decision makers have LCDs in their offices. Reviewing the data visually stopped an entire process from happening once the high-level leadership could see that it was inefficient.

 “Tracking our data visually in iDashboards has cut preventable mortalities by 30% and dropped hospital-related infections considerably.”

iDashboards has cut preventable mortalities by 30%. Click To Tweet

Customer Panel 1 3Jayna Mistry: City of Houston – Housing

Jayna and her team utilize iDashboards to track federal funding. They have a certain budget that must be spent or it goes back to the funder. They actually have a countdown clock at the top of a dashboard that lets them know how many days until budget cutoff. Jayna stressed that getting these dashboards into executive meetings is the key to popularizing them. Buy in from management and a champion that can push the product are extremely important to a successful dashboard implementation. Before iDashboards, the team was presenting information on 11×17 sheets of paper. Now people receive their User Names/Password to iDashboards and they have all the information they need to make quick, insightful decisions.

“Over 500,000 rows of Excel data translates to 1 interactive dashboard page! Charts may take data from 4-5 different federal reports and bring them into 1.”

 Over 500,000 rows of Excel data translates to 1 interactive dashboard page! Click To Tweet

Customer Panel 1 4Laura Manahan: Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Laura’s team had no easy way to get to their data: sifting through multi-page reports without the ability to break down the data to its smallest components. BUT they went on to search for the right tool – budget and frustration occurred because finding a suitable dashboard solution was a task on top of their day-to-day duties.  Laura happened to meet iDashboards at a conference and noticed that we had many schools on our client list. Pivots and drilldowns allow us to reach that granular set of data we had been trying to get to (school, program, enrollment, by year, month, day). First starting out, it took a little while but now we can churn a dashboard out in a day!

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“iDashboards allowed us to move from frustration to innovation.”

 “iDashboards allowed us to move from frustration to innovation.” Click To Tweet

Customer Panel InnovationNancy Aiuto: Michigan Schools and Government CU

MSGCU’s journey into dashboarding began with a data warehouse system to store data. It was sufficient for storage, but canned reports weren’t doing it. Executives asked for a more robust tool. The research began! Nancy and the team didn’t want to purchase a data warehouse. With iDashboards, they could work with theirs. But….how to deploy?? Nancy recommends that you rollout by department and a top down approach for acceptance. Reporting is streamlined and paper eliminated. Sales campaigns could now be monitored daily! One roadbump they hit, was that administrators didn’t want change. They didn’t want to give up their paper reports or put time and effort into creating dashboards. Once they saw the interactivity and daily updates in the dashboards, their stories changed. Admins quickly saw the value in it once Nancy’s team started creating dashboards to show them.

“Over 300 people view our dashboards daily – that includes 500 dashboards and 200 charts.”

Over 300 people view our dashboards daily – that includes 500 dashboards and 200 charts. Click To Tweet

Overall it was a great, educational session! Attendees walked away with new ideas on how to expand dashboard usage, best practices for a smooth implementation, and creative ways to view your data in iDashboards. Make sure to keep tuning in to our live blog for more updates from #iDashboards16 Las Vegas!

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