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iDashboards is happy to announced that Manufacturing Tech Insights has included us in its list of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2016. According to the magazine, the manufacturing sector is in a “transition spree,” and we couldn’t agree more. With the ever-changing demand to meet customer expectations and lower production costs, staying ahead of the game isn’t easy. This is why iDashboards is dedicated to helping manufacturers become modern manufacturers.

Why Dashboard Technology is Important for Manufacturers

Imagine a manufacturing world where every employee – from upper management to the plant floor – can access critical data instantly from their computers, tablets, plant floor LCDs/monitors – even cellphones. This is what we do for our manufacturing clients every day here at iDashboards.

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We’re committed to success. Not just our own, but the success of our clients. We’ve been honored to work with companies in the manufacturing sector that, when partnered with our technology, transformed their data reporting from outdated to effective manufacturing dashboards.

In an interview with one such company, Norman Rankis of McWane Ductile detailed the necessary transition from old-fashioned reporting to manufacturing dashboards. Likening dashboards to Toyota’s Kanban, Rankis explained the overwhelming benefits of real-time, streamlined data for manufacturers who want to improve business intelligence and make smart, data-driven decisions.

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Why dashboard technology is essential to manufacturing

How iDashboards Helps Modern Manufacturers

Just like many other industries, modern manufacturers deal with large volumes of data. And this data only grows with time. That’s why we build our manufacturing dashboard software with scalability in mind, among many other factors like ease of use and UX. You can even pull together multiple data sources in one dashboard, which allows for correlation & easy trend spotting.

Our goal is simple: To give manufacturers the data tools they need for success. We provide intuitive, highly-customizable digital reporting for businesses in a broad range of industries. Our software is user-friendly and doesn’t require an immense technical skill set, so our customers can focus on translating data, key performance indicators (KPIs), and metrics into information that leads to effective decision-making.

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In addition to being named among the Top 10 Manufacturing Solution Providers of the year, our work in data visualization earned us a spot in the Top 10 ELGL Choice Award Winners and the Top 10 Big Data Solutions Providers of 2016.

If you’d like to know more about us or the value of data-driven business intelligence, browse our website or get in touch with a member of our team today!

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