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We know quite well that what happens in Vegas should typically stay in Vegas. Not this time! The iDashboards crew and our awesome customers are making our way to the Vegas scene and we know for a fact you’re going to want to take home all the great stuff you learn as well as share all the stories of iDashboards Vegas experience. Of course, it’s not all fun and games – at least that’s what we’ll tell your boss.

Speaking of which, if you need help convincing your boss to send you to the conference, check out our previous blog for tips that’ll have your boss begging you to go.

We’ve taken the best events of the past 4 Annual Conferences to make this year’s conference the most memorable yet. So what should you expect when you get to our 5th Annual Conference in Vegas?

Well first of all, this isn’t a sales pitch event. We’re going to have a few employees there, about 30 to 35 of our best and brightest, to run one-on-one workshops and informational sessions. That’s right no sales pitches, just practical applications for your dashboards. You’re going to be learning from the best in the business between our employees and customers.

How many times has the CEO of a company been readily available to talk with you about whatever questions, concerns or suggestions you have? In our experience, it’s pretty rare. Well, the CEO of iDashboards, Shadan Malik, wants to meet with you. He will be available for one-on-one meetings throughout the event, all you have to do is make sure you are registered to come and then reserve a time slot. It’s as easy as that!

While that’s pretty awesome in and of itself, what most people come to our conferences for is the customer application presentations. The main part of the conference revolves around customer panels and breakout sessions. These consist of three to four customers that showcase their dashboards and methods that have changed their business and made them more efficient. Our panels and breakout sessions are lauded for their practical application for our attendees and are the main reason we have a growing turnout every year, with up to 200 customers expected to send representatives this year. Also, with so many other iDashboards clients in attendance, this is going to be a major networking event no matter what industry you’re in.

Whether you are planning to come for 2 days or spend Tuesday evening through Friday with us (and maybe sneak in an extra night to party network on Saturday); here’s what we’ve got planned for the 5th Annual iDashboards Conference:


Are you a VIP? Well, we certainly think so. For our attendees who can make it in the night before the conference kicks off, you can pre-register for our VIP dinner. While the food is going to be amazing, the company is going to be even better. With top reps from big name organizations, some of our guest speakers and iDashboards higher-ups, you’re sure to be rubbing elbows with people who know their stuff.

Day One:

After registration, breakfast and a warm welcome, we’ll kick off the conference with our highly anticipated keynote presentation from the great entrepreneur and mind-boggling magician, Vinh Giang. Following our keynote presenter, our iDashboards team will present the upcoming features of v9.5; our latest release. This will give your department or organization a leg up when you implement the upgrade, because you will know how it runs and how to implement the upgrade for the best results.

After we go over the upcoming release, you can dive right into our first of three breakout sessions for the day. Breakout sessions offer a choice between two workshops that address important topics such as how to assemble an awesome design team in ‘Data Avengers: Assembling Your Heroic Design Team’ or ‘And the OSKAR Goes To… The Top 10 Support Questions’ which will go over our tech teams most difficult support questions from the past year. You can’t go wrong with either session, but you’re given the option to customize your iDashboards Conference experience and choose the subjects that most affect your department or organization.

Following lunch, we have our customer panel on innovations featuring Matt Nawrocki of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, Jayna Mistry from the City of Houston Housing Department, Laura Manahan from the Francis Tuttle Technology Center, and Nancy Aiuto from Michigan Schools and Government CU. These fantastic customer representatives will be showcasing how they implemented dashboards to innovate their departments and organizations and how you can apply positive change as well using certain dashboard features and metrics.

After a few more breakout sessions and some personal time, we’ll be heading to the Rhumbar! Dinner, cocktails, dancing and cigar rolling are the main events with a few awesome surprises thrown in – it is Vegas after all! If you’re wondering how your boss will react to photos of you rolling cigars with showgirls; just remember it’s all in the name of networking.

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Day Two:

If you’re up to it after the Rhumbar extravaganza; we’ll be starting the day off early with a selection of Roundtable discussions for our partners, higher education and healthcare customers.

For other customers, or those who need a little extra coffee, our second customer panel will be the first event of the day and will focus on ‘Creating Influence’. This panel will feature Jennifer Quack of CNSI, Deborah Whitis from Alamo Colleges, Yvette Williams from United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Anthony Gomez of the Department of Veterans Affairs. They will be discussing how they became influential leaders at their respective organizations and how dashboards help them visualize and reach their organizational goals.

Three additional Breakout Sessions will be spread throughout the day with topics such as ‘Storyboarding: Where Art Meets Science’ and ‘Why Dashboards Fail? (and how to stop it!)’. There will also be a Marquee Speech mid-day, presented by Mary Washington Healthcare’s Sheila L Seal and Tanya Klesc. They will be doing an interactive session exploring how they were able to work with iDashboards to gain a competitive advantage and increase their organization’s value.

Our closing ceremony and happy hour close out day two of our conference. But wait – there’s more! For those lucky enough to stick around, we have some awesome stuff planned after the two-day conference that is going to put you ahead of the game when it comes to effective utilization of dashboards.


This is where we transition to the hands-on training portion of our conference. You are guaranteed one-to-two hours with one of our techies to go over any and every question you have about dashboards. Outside of these one-on-one trainings, we will have small sessions throughout the day covering numerous topics so be sure to bring your laptop and your questions to make the most out of day three.

Throughout the conference you’re going to have an absolute blast, as we bring together the best of our last four conferences for the iDashboards 5th Annual Conference this October. If you would like to register, extend your conference experience to include the post-conference hands-on training, or would like to inquire about a one-on-one meeting with the CEO of iDashboards click here to verify your registration.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!


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Jenna Ryberg Human Resources Director @iDashboards

An iDashboards employee since 2009, Jenna Ryberg has extensive experience within accounting and HR, and has been the driving force behind the iDashboards Conferences.


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