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The iDashboards team is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ELGL Choice Award for our work in helping local government organizations better understand their data and build insightful dashboards. Accompanying this prestigious award, we are honored to make into the top 10 of the ELGL Top 50 Local Government Companies list. It’s a privilege to work with such amazing local government clients, who nominated us for this award and have continue to help us expand our dashboard software technologies. We love our clients and couldn’t be more proud that our team and dashboard products have earned their nominations and ultimately a spot on the Top 50 Local Government Companies list.


2016 ELGL Choice Award for Best Companies Serving Local Government

At iDashboards, we are passionate about delivering an intuitive dashboard software platform that is easy for anyone to use in order to simplify the data acquisition process. As evidenced by both our recent accolade and articles about local government, our passion for helping organizations realize their data analysis and data presentation potential continues to shine through. By using dashboards, iDashboards’ local government clients are able to streamline their data from multiple sources and create reports with increased visual power that are easy to use and enable faster, better decision making.

Our dashboard software has enabled local government clients to consolidate information and share metrics between departments and with the public. Without any coding or previous IT experience, these government agencies have been able to implement custom dashboards to track parks and recreation functions, budgeting, crime data and much more, as well as  streamline their reporting process into easy- to- understand visual graphs and charts. This allows for any member of the agency, other departments or the public that has access to the dashboard to easily access and share relevant data.

One of the local government clients we have had the pleasure of working with, Bobbi Nance, a Project Manager for the Park District of Oak Park, recently reviewed iDashboards saying, “Before we integrated dashboards, we were spending a lot of time manually collecting data with no way to turn those numbers into something measurable. Dashboards have been an exceptional tool for us and the insight that it has given has been critical in streamlining our processes and becoming more efficient in our day-to-day tasks.”

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The ELGL Choice Award isn’t our only recent award for our work with local government. Our dashboards and service have also won us a place on the Top 10 Big Data Solutions Providers of 2016, featured on GOV CIO Outlook, for our user and budget-friendly dashboards.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you or your local government agency simplify the process of data analytics and information processing by using dashboards? Contact us today!

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Ashley McKown Enterprise Account Manager @iDashboards

Ashley McKown provides strategic direction and successful dashboard implementations to educational institutions as well as state and local government entities across the U.S. Prior to joining iDashboards, she studied abroad in China and Japan, and remains an avid world traveler.

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