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It can be pretty tough to get away from the office; heck, even lunch meetings with clients end up getting catered and brought to the conference room. But what if your employer sent you out of the office for training? Not just to Starbucks but to Las Vegas!


Before you dismiss this as just another conference you won’t be sent to – take a look at our strategy on how to get your boss to send you, and your team, to Vegas.

  1. Your boss is going to think this is just an excuse to go party. That’s why you need to emphasize that not only are you going to learn some new techniques and gather information about dashboards; but, you’re also going to be meeting with lots of other companies. This is a chance to network on behalf of the whole organization; to bring in new clients, sell your services and you may even meet your next department MVP there.
  2. Company training and career development funds are often used for mini-training sessions run by people who, frankly, aren’t experts. The biggest thing you have to pitch is return on investment, and every year so far, iDashboards Conference attendees have seen ROI across the board. Investing in your career betterment by sending you to our Vegas conference is an investment in the future of the company as a whole. Let your boss know that while you appreciate what’s currently being offered, this Vegas trip is really going to pay off.
  3. This user conference isn’t just engineers talking about the ins and outs of programming or development; it’s also run by dashboard experts and other actual users who can show you how they use the tools and features every single day to be more efficient. This isn’t information you can get just by watching a lecture – and that’s far from what your experience will be in Vegas. It doesn’t get more interactive than this.

To help you out further, we’ve created an email template for you to plug-in and send as a sure way to convince your boss:

Good morning (boss’s name),

Just wanted to touch base with you about attending the upcoming iDashboards Conference on October 12th-14th in Las Vegas. I’ve been looking into it, and this could be a huge opportunity to maximize our teams training and development at an event specifically geared towards our department.

Here’s some info I’ve pulled off the site and I’d really like to get your take on it.

• They feature speakers from big organizations talking about why dashboards fail, how to put a great design team together and hunting down hidden metrics within our organization. The keynote, Vinh Giang, is a great entrepreneurial mind that mixes Vegas-style magic with his thought leadership.

• There’s also some really useful workshops and discussions on data integration and making the most of our dashboards. The part that really struck me was how they aren’t just lecturers or just the iDashboards team, they actually have users presenting too, like Mike Rademacher and Kelly Rasmussen from Ericsson. Because this is an interactive conference and not just lectures, our team will be able ask questions and act on what we learn right away.

• There is going to be a ton of other organizations and potential clients there. It would be a really amazing network opportunity for us to find new customers and build new relationships with other like-minded companies. Also, we’re going to meet other people from our field and it’d be great to do some face-to-face head hunting for next time we’re looking for the next big idea guy here at (Company Name).

• They’re going to show us the new release of v9.5, which my team has been eagerly awaiting. By being there we will have a leg up in knowing how it runs, figure out how and when to best implement the upgrades, and how it can push our department’s productivity further.

I’d really like to sit down with my department and the event schedule to figure out a game plan and prioritize what we need to learn vs what we want to learn to maximize our time spent at the conference.

I understand that it might seem to be a bit out of our training budget but because of the time of year, the flights are actually pretty reasonable. If we stay at the Mirage Hotel (where the conference is being held) we can take advantage of group rates that iDashboards can hook us up with. So per night:

Weeknights: $139/room
Weekend: $169/room

The return on investment for something like this far outweighs the cost of travel and I feel it could really be a valuable training and development experience for the company as a whole.

I’d like to discuss the opportunity with you more and what key players would most benefit from this experience when you get a moment.

Best regards,

(Your Signature)

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So when’s the best time to ask your boss about sending you to the iDashboards Conference. The time is now people!


Armed with this email and the umpteen reasons you should attend (just look at the speaker list for goodness sake) there’s no way your boss is going to turn this opportunity down. Just remember to be professional when your boss says yes- this is after all a work trip. It’s just wrapped in an awesome, glitter covered bow.

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