Dashboards and Data Viz | Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (or IoT, for short) is currently revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

The technology – which allows manufacturers to retrieve, store and process massive sets of machine, operational, and environmental data – is being used to make lightning-fast decisions that increase efficiency, improve safety, and even provide an extra source of revenue. In fact, a recent Verizon Enterprise report predicts many manufacturers will soon get more revenue from IoT-related services than from product sales.

While advances in industrial IoT are developing at a fast pace, the technology still requires a good deal of human assistance. Data integration is becoming a huge problem for manufacturers – with IoT systems generating enormous amounts of data, but very few people know how to piece it all together.

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These data integration challenges are one of the biggest barriers to IoT adoption for manufacturing companies. As more and more manufacturers are adopting IoT technology, fierce competition is forcing late adopters to purchase it whether they’re ready or not.

That’s where dashboard technology can make a significant impact.

Manufacturers can simply connect IoT devices and data sources to a dashboard solution, and all that complex machine data will be instantly visualized – allowing companies that may not have dedicated data analysts to easily infer valuable IoT insights.

Those insights will help manufacturing executives make crucial operational decisions at near-lightning speed, propelling their companies past their competitors, and creating a lucrative revenue source. Manufacturers with a solid grasp of their IoT technology can use it to sell outcomes, such as machine hours, that measure use and enable predictive maintenance.

By leveraging dashboard’s highly interactive, customizable charts, graphs, and scorecards, you can provide actionable insights with real-time, automated data monitoring for all your IoT devices.

Learn more about the role of dashboards in manufacturing by downloading our whitepaper – and to learn more about what iDashboards can do for your manufacturing business, visit our website or contact us for a free consultation.


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