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Global growth has been the big focus for software developer iDashboards. But the Troy-based firm’s double-digit revenue growth isn’t just coming from the far reaches of the earth.

“We also had a lot of growth in our own backyard,” says Shadan Malik, president & CEO of iDashboards. “The economy is picking up across the board here.”

The 13-year old firm creates business intelligence dashboard software with real-time results. Its interactive computer dashboards help businesses analyze, track, and organize data into easily useable parts that help streamline a company and enable it to grow faster. iDashboards’ software platforms aren’t always for commercial uses. Sometimes they’re purely recreational, such as the interactive dashboard for college basketball’s NCAA Tournament.

iDashboards has done well over the last year. It recorded a 16 percent jump in revenues as it grew its business both here and abroad. It now employs a team of 75 after hiring a dozen people in technical, sales and marketing positions. Among its growth tactics was launching its first international conference in Dubai earlier this year to help familiarize potential customers with the firm’s dashboard technology.

“That was received very well in the region,” Malik says. “It helped get our name out there.”

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iDashboards is now doing business on four continents. It opened offices in Germany and the United Kingdom over the last year, and is in the process of opening another in Turkey in April. But they’re not stopping there.

“We are planning an aggressive growth plan for Latin America this year,” Malik says. “We’re also looking at some strong growth locally.”

Source: Shadan Malik, president & CEO of iDashboards

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