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When a child asks what their parents do for a living, they usually give a half-understanding nod and go about their day. That scenario certainly wasn’t the case for iDashboards Product Manager Zahid Ansari, whose son’s story proves just how user-friendly our product is!



6th grader, Amr Ansari had been participating in an automotive design program sponsored by Honeywell and engineering association SAE International, at his middle school in Southeast Michigan. Throughout the semester, Honeywell engineers worked with Amr and his classmates to make functional electric gear-driven toy cars that stand up to various performance standards.

The program incorporates multiple school subjects – including math, science and technology – to teach kids about the automotive industry. Weeks of instruction culminated in the Student Automotive Design Challenge, where Amr and his team competed against more than 350 students from around the world.

Amr was the lead for presenting the car model to the judges. As part of the competition, his team had done a survey of customers (kids in elementary classes) to get feedback on their model car.

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To present these survey results to judges, Amr turned to iDashboards and created a customized dashboard from scratch. In less than two hours, Amr selected his tool, created a storyboard, chose his favorite charts, connected the data and launched the dashboard. Using iDashboards, his proud father’s company, he incorporated all his survey data in a visually appealing storyboard and presented it to the impressed judges committee. Among the 10 teams in Amr’s round, his team – Fast Track – won the bronze medal.


This heartwarming story proves just how easy it is to use dashboards to visualize data in an insightful way. Don’t just take Amr’s word for it, try iDashboards for yourself with a free trial and see what a difference it can make in your business.


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