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Business intelligence, data analytics, dashboards, visualization, big data, warehousing, and so many more buzz words are heard throughout our healthcare industry.

Like most hospitals and clinics, you probably have access to multiple high end healthcare business intelligence (BI) tools; however, your end users/clinicians probably aren’t as familiar with these tools and knowledge share between them often suffers. Therefore, IT and data analysts are getting swamped with ad-hoc reporting requests from C-Level executives, clinicians and staff.

With this in mind, it’s essential to keep the end user at the forefront of the decision-making process when selecting a healthcare BI solution. One of the most frequent (and damaging) mistakes that organizations make when assessing tools is not including the end user in the discussion. Typically, the selection of healthcare data analytics tools comes from internal committees comprised of IT developers and users with advanced technical know-how. These types of committees are too often concerned with a tool’s suite of features and technical aspects rather than the functionality.

By excluding clinicians from the selection committee, IT departments are shooting themselves in the foot – ultimately creating more work for themselves since the end users are unfamiliar with the tool and will continue to overwhelm them with data analytics reporting and information requests. The initial data provided can sometimes take hours to digest and very few people have the capabilities and time to analyze that information. Thus resulting in the vast majority of healthcare data analytics tools as dust collectors and “shelfware” in the metaphorical storage closet.

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But with today’s ever changing healthcare mandates, it’s more important than ever to quickly and effectively analyze data – causing an uprising in data visualization software.

iDashboards is able to provide healthcare organizations with real-time data that the end user needs, while being able to easily visualize critical KPIs and quality metrics in order to make meaningful use of the information – resulting in fewer IT reporting requests.

Take a look at some of the work iDashboards did with St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (part of Trinity Health), winner of the 2015 Most Wired Innovator Award from the American Hospital Association.

In the news release above, Dr. Fabian Fregoli, VP of Clinical Quality & Patient Safety and Chief Medical Informatics Officer at St. Joseph, states, “We are seeing positive results in many of the measures we originally defined. St. Joseph Mercy Oakland has deployed technologies that are enabling our doctors and nurses to provide an unrivaled quality of care in southeast Michigan.”

Discover how you too can leverage powerful data visualization and avoid the typical healthcare data analytics tool debacle. Try iDashboards for free today and let us provide you with a solution that works.

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  1. Every healthcare industry wants to optimize their data analysts value and effectiveness. One of the main reasons data analysts aren’t as effective as they could be is not having access to the right tools. As a healthcare data analyst for ten years prior to joining Scottline Health , I have firsthand experience with this issue. I spent 90 to 95 percent of my time managing data, when I should have been analyzing it.

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