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Whether you’re attending an event or planning one, it can be difficult to stay organized, pay attention to everything going on and ensure you’re attending the right presentations. At our highly successful Users Conference, we worked with EventMobi to create an app that helps attendees to get the most out of their conference experience.

As we learned, simply having an app doesn’t guarantee it will get used during your event. Without properly promoting your event app, attendees won’t know it exists and your return on investment won’t be what you expected. Luckily, there are a number of tactics you can use to market the app at your event.

Here are four strategies we put together that you can use to ensure success. Using these strategies for our Users Conference in Miami, we were able to yield an 89% event app adoption rate!

Align Your Event With Your Speakers’ Credibility

A great resource you have at your disposal is your pool of speakers. By virtue of their speaking position, they are known as industry experts and lend credibility to whatever they say. Additionally, they tend to have very strong and dedicated networks they have accumulated throughout their careers.

When working with your speakers, make it easy for them to advocate for you. Pre-write tweets and social media posts that include the app and event hashtag. If necessary, don’t be afraid to propose a pre-written blog post for them too; “ghostwriting,” as it’s called in the publishing industry, is a common and effective marketing practice.

By turning speakers into supporters of the event, their credibility and network can be accessed in your event’s favor to increase attendance, participation and event app adoption.

Encourage Staff to Speak Up

Like most marketing efforts, word-of-mouth is most effective. Ensuring your staff has a comprehensive understanding of the event app empowers them to share it with other attendees.

For example, at an iDashboards event I was organizing, the emcee gave a brief demonstration of the app during the conference kickoff address. They explained where to download the app, agenda details, how to create their own schedule and how to submit feedback for each session. As a result, more than 70% of attendees created unique schedules.

Making your event feel professional and polished by educating your support team will help reduce confusion among attendees. Remember, good vibes from the staff go a long way!

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Turn Attendees into Advocates

It’s crucial that your event app provides value to attendees—whether it’s content, functionality or exclusivity. Make it so helpful they want to share it with their peers.

A multi-platform event app often provides a unique URL for every page, making it simple for attendees to post and share specific parts of the event app. That ease-of-sharing will entice other attendees to adopt the event app.

In previous years, our attendees came back for multiple agenda books because they would lose them. We thought an app that included an agenda would be a great solution. That practical function alone led to a huge boost in the adoption of our event app!

With these strategies, I was able to introduce and optimize new technology that not only added value to our audience, but also generated valuable data that we could use to evaluate the success of our event.



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