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Visualising Success

iDashboards offers easy-to-use data visualization and dashboard software. Customers have responded well to the solutions, enabling the company to deliver consistent double-digit revenue growth. iDashboards will host its first annual International Conference, a two-day event bringing together users and partners, in Dubai from January 20 to 21, 2016. We speak with Hisham Assaf, Head of iDashboards Middle East.

hisham international conference

What are dashboards and how do they help businesses?
Our value proposition is that we link active data in your system to a dashboard, and we can manage the dispersion of that data by a department’s needs, or a CEO’s needs, and with the overall security the client demands. iDashboards users are empowered to quickly and effectively gather, view and analyse their critical performance metrics. iDashboards helps uncover hidden trends and reveal powerful insights by relaying complex data sets in an easy-to-understand, at-a-glance view with multiple data sources and consolidate key performance indicators without any coding or programming—ultimately leading to greater clarity into data and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Why did iDashboards decide to host an International Conference in January 2016?
Each year, iDashboards hosts an annual Users Conference; a venue for their clients to exchange ideas, discuss use cases with peers across industry verticals and engage dashboard experts to enhance the utility of their data. Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed exponential growth with our North America Users Conference, and we wanted to provide that same networking and learning experience to our international users. The iDashboards International Conference is more than just a platform for continued user education; it’s an opportunity for data-driven minds from around the world to connect, learn and share.

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Why is the Middle East a focus area in growth for the company?
The Middle East economies are emerging as significant players in the global economy, and are crucial to achieving global competitiveness in the wide spread adoption of data led decision making across the organisation. This is supplying the key enabler for this data-driven focus in the region and is very exciting for us.

Who should attend the International Conference?
While our conferences are usually attended by our clients, we are looking forward to welcoming organisations that are looking to unearth the dormant value from their data at our first annual International Conference. This is enormously valuable as non-clients will have the opportunity to interact with their industry peers and explore how our clients have leveraged data visualization to deliver value. Our customers and partners are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to share their success stories and help others achieve similar results with iDashboards.

What can attendees expect to see and learn at the event?
Attendees will experience a diverse collection of speakers and keynote presentations, designed to promote continued education centered upon business intelligence and iDashboards’ product functionality. We have strived to develop an agenda that is based upon diverse consumer interest in the creative, technical and functional elements of iDashboards. Our Advanced Functionality on day two will provide in-depth information on best practices, design tips, technology integrations, data manipulation and customization.