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Data platform options are taking over the world of agriculture – from “do-it-all” offerings to customizable “do-it-yourself” models – and North American farmers have been completely overwhelmed.

This was made clear at the recent PrecisionAg Innovation Series Conference in Champaign, IL. The consistent theme among growers was that they required deeper insight on how to efficiently run their farm, and how to make proactive, rather than reactive decisions for a more effective process. And the most common concern was that today’s growers are drowning in “data”, but there is a drought of “information”.

With that in mind, data capturing and record keeping are extremely important for agriculture, and the advent of technology in the industry provides an extremely efficient hand.

But growers are asking (nay, begging) for an easy-to-use, frictionless data platform that lets them see and share information where and when they see fit, and discover hidden trends that will help them better run their farm.

When it comes to data, farmers have specific buckets for which they are looking:

Agriculture Bucket-Image

Since many of the data platforms on the market right now only offer these buckets a la carte, farmers face the challenge of stitching all that technology together to form an integrated solution. With so much information to keep track of – and a business to run – there is little to no time for growers to do this effectively and/or efficiently.

iDashboards’ data platform assimilates all of the buckets above, and presents the findings to growers through customizable, easy-to-understand visualizations.

iDashboards Ag Dashboard

Many farmers fear that once they buy a data platform, they will never hear from the provider again. With over 2500 clients worldwide, unlimited free support, and a 97% customer satisfaction rating, we have a strong support system in place for every single customer.

Now, your data (which is all privacy protected) will not only be aggregated, but will help you create an insightful story with custom dashboards.

Farmers can trust that a visual reporting data platform will help them make better, more informed decisions, leading to a more profitable and efficient farm.




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