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iDashboards, which specialises in business intelligence dashboard solutions, has announced that it will host a two-day international conference for end users and partners in Dubai next year.

The event, to be held from January 20 to 21, 2016, will be similar in scope to the vendor’s North America Users Conference, which took place in October this year. The vendor said that it will bring together users of iDashboards products to network, share experiences, expand product knowledge, and come up with inventive ways to use iDashboards’ data visualisation solutions.

“The decision to create an International Conference and host it in Dubai emphasises our commitment to our esteemed international users,” said Hisham Assaf, regional director of iDashboards Middle East.

“Our mission is to provide an informational experience with an opportunity to gain valuable insights into new and unique ways to leverage iDashboards to further their businesses.”

The event will start with a keynote address delivered by industry experts from IDC. Technical experts from iDashboards will also be on hand throughout the event to share tips and tricks for creating visually appealing and effective dashboards.

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“Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed exponential growth with our North America Users Conference, and we wanted to provide that same networking and learning experience to an expanded range of iDashboards users,” said Shadan Malik, CEO of iDashboards.

“Our customers and partners are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to share their success stories and help others achieve similar results with iDashboards.”

iDashboards established a regional office in Dubai more than a year ago after recognising an opportunity to help businesses in the Middle East better leverage data. Enterprise dashboards are available through various options, including custom- hosted and mobile platforms.

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