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As a pioneer in the development of business intelligence dashboards, we’re excited to announce the release of iDashboards version 9.0 (v9.0) with enhanced features and products, including iDashboards Data Integrator (iDl)!

The newest version of our data visualization software delivers deeper insights, smarter graphics and greater capabilities – making it easier than ever to get from data to dashboards. V9.0 adds new features to further “wow” the end user with unprecedented visual enhancements.

dashboardThis includes more chart types, new ways to navigate and find dashboards, and improved interactive functionalities to better analyze and explore data. Our new Infographic Chart contains a gallery with more than 450 images to accelerate the use of infographics when viewing dashboards. With v9.0’s enhanced interface, desktop users can now enjoy iDashboards without the need for a web browser or plugins.

Our dashboard software was designed to help streamline the process of analyzing and visualizing data for decision-makers and end users, and our latest version provides a more exciting user experience, which in turn drives greater user-adoption of dashboards.

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dashboardWe’ve also released the breakthrough iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI), a valuable data blending/ETL tool that will help streamline the process of extracting and transforming data. The iDl add-on provides users with data integrating capabilities that can be done without complex coding in less than half the time the task would typically take.

iDI eliminates the time spent prepping and integrating data sources, and gives users a clean, optimized output that makes it easier to isolate data to make better business decisions.

This particular product allows users to merge data from different formats as well as replace missing or unwanted values with new content, filter duplicate data, speed up the upload process and more, without needing to be an IT or database expert.

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