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iDashboards’ Trip Dixon recently sat in as a featured guest on IT in the D, a live, Internet-based radio show that discusses anything and everything IT, where Trip talked about what dashboards are and why they are important to businesses, what makes a good dashboard, the lifecycle of a dashboard, as well as the process of installing dashboards and the engagement iDashboards has with clients.

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Trip opened the segment by describing what business dashboards are, comparing them to the performance of automotive dashboards.

“All the important information from your car is being pulled from various systems and is shown in front of you on your dashboard,” Trip said. “It’s the same concept with your organization—it’s taking all the important data from your business and gathering it together and putting it in an easy, quick and visual interface to get a pulse check to see what’s going on.”

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Trip Dixon Director of Operations @iDashboards

As iDashboards Operations Director, Trip Dixon manages all aspects of the marketing, professional services, pre-sales services and technical support departments. In addition to Trip’s leadership expertise, he is an experienced presenter and has spoken at numerous industry events all over the world.


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