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Alicia Beaubien Senior Content Manager @iDashboards

As a part of the iDashboards team since 2011, Alicia focuses on all things content and social media. Outside of the marketing realm, Alicia considers herself an athlete at heart – despite her height and typical clumsiness.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we partnered with Kroger Michigan and the American Cancer Society (ACS) to create a unique Making Strides Against Breast Cancer dashboard.

This special dashboard showcases Kroger’s statewide fundraising campaign in Michigan for ACS Making Strides, displaying each Kroger store’s progress towards their ultimate goal of raising $600,000 throughout October and November.

In addition to seeing each store’s progress, the dashboard offers a visually engaging, easy-to-read insight into Kroger’s overall progress towards their fundraising goal. Users can easily see the amount of money raised in each county throughout southeast Michigan and the top 10 teams that are participating in the Making Strides event.

22 of our employees participated in the Detroit Making Strides event on Saturday, October 10 in Hart Plaza. Our goal as a company is to donate $5,000 and we’re hosting a handful of internal events to get us there:

  • Pink Day
  • Employee bake sale
  • Ping pong tournament
  • Loose change drive
  • Field Day

We’re eager to support this great cause and apply our data visualization software to help raise funds and awareness, while allowing people to see the true value of the data!

To follow along with Kroger’s progress and view the dashboard, click here.



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